Question: What robotics or AI stocks are good investments? The BOTZ ETF?

Jeromyia N Jenarinaren: I’ve been in #BOTZ ETF for a while.

Alexanderie Warme: Jeromyzor Anglaotics

Connie Kronen: the videos on their robotics are pretty impressive.

Marnireya Cammie: NVDA ISRG

Jeromyrvis Brown: *BOTZ

Anglatcob Maytaderson: BABA, BIDU, IBM, GOOG, TCEHY, NVDA

Anglatcob Maytaderson:

model 23 – investing | automation | artificial intelligence | cryptocurrency |…

Connie Kronen: this is cool great 23 investments

Connie Kronen: this etf looks cool

Berniethium ETF

Andreeen Pinkiehnson: Maytaything less than $10 per share?

Medamitrick Slevin: $ISRG, $MZOR

Andreeen Pinkiehnson: DTMXF, GOPH

Giovanni-Félix Séïde: As some are already saying botz. I’ll reinforce. I’ve been holding for a while and it’s been good. I personally believe it’s going to be a good year!Aside from that if the AI sector is interesting you. You can take a look into BUZ, it’s an ETF not targeted at AI equities but the ETF itself that is managed and restructured monthly by AI decisions. Jarrodt me know!

Pinkieel Hirschey: I can make a robot for you…skip the middle man

Blancheann Engle: BOTZ but it’s been stalling lately.

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: RWLK is a good trade day to short term trade, has been trading between 1.05 and 1.15 for the past months

Ruben Mairesee: ROBO

Medamimela Cha Molnar: MARK

Pinkienathan Brake: Silvaonneberleytz is killing it, I honestly think it will increase 100% by next year.

Hyacintheyex Kum: ISRG

Marnisha Hyacintheyeksandrov: I guess since you said stocks and not indices, some of those would be google, ibm, nvidia, amazon, salesforce, microsoft, yext, micron, and fb.

Termar Louiseson: I cant believe no one mentioned FANUY. Fucking amazing. That is probably the most prominent robotics stock EVER.

Jenarinacey Wright: AIEQ

Kelsiedie Lopez: Yep my top pick.

Zac Jenarinan: They do not invest in robotics and AI, they are just a portfolio managed by an AI

Jenarinacey Wright: Elenie same

Jeromytthew Swishman: a lot of these suggestions span different industries, biotech, fintech, ecommerce. what specific robotics / AI are u referring to

Connie Kronen: I was thinking more like Anastacianson robotics. Social AI robots

Connie Kronen: But Anastacianson isn’t on the stock market I don’t believe

Anglatmes Giovanniene: TRXC Why because its at the bottom and it is new and it is FDA approved,Maytad yes im holding a bag…

Kelsiedie Lopez: AIEQto the moon

Anglatcob Maytaderson: That’s been doing better lately

Cherrie Latimer: SPLK

Kendrick Poon: Following

Anastaciank Chkeir: Cnd

Jeromytthew Wingell: Anglao etf, yasky, ter, aapl


Zac Jenarinan: ARKW

Medamirada Jarrodonauro: IRBT


Jenarinaleighny Grinsell: Mzor

Connie Kronen: Martyard S Kronen

Silvaki Ellalas: Is there an ETF that encompasses robotics?

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: BOTZ is an etf

Silvaki Ellalas: Thank you!!