Anybody following any cannabis stocks?

Anybody here following any cannabis stocks? Particularly interested in feedback on CARA, INSY, and Gwph

Dallas Castro: leave out insy, those others are ?????????????

Paislee Todd: I was in CARA early on and then it dumped so I got out but now it’s climbing

Dallas Castro: I was in cara@6 out @12 gwph, bruh hold till you pay yer kids college fund off!!!!

Brylee Stokes: MCOA has been pretty good for me

Rosemary Carlson: EAPH, PNTV, CNBX and RMHB

Noelle Jones: I do….insys is dangerous. They’re actually putting up money to fight legalization so they contradict all my pot stock investments. Let me know if you’re interested, i admin a pot stock dd page.

Katie Mclaughlin: Add me to your page pls !

Noelle Jones:

Katie Mclaughlin::

Noelle Jones: i posted the group up top

Noelle Jones: the group settings are secret is why i’m having trouble lol gimme a minute to figure this out

Noelle Jones: send me friend request and i can add you at that point

Paislee Todd: Noelle Jones: can you add me to your page?

Noelle Jones: Send me friend request

Katie Mclaughlin: thank you !

Noelle Jones: Yw…take a look around. We all work together to make money. There’s a wealth of information on that page

Noelle Jones: Paislee Todd: send me a friend request

Noelle Jones: Gotcha

Noelle Jones: You’re welcome

Noelle Jones: Mitch Stephens send me a friend request and a message reminding me of who you are and I’ll add you

Rosemary Carlson: Please add me to everyone Noelle Jones:

Noelle Jones: Rosemary Carlson: friend me

Noelle Jones: added

Rosemary Carlson: Thanks mate, I used to be a member of several mmj groups.

Noelle Jones: i actually thought i’ve seen your name before lol…what groups were you in

Noelle Jones: and you’re welcome

Rosemary Carlson: I still have shares in FITX, heard if it?

Noelle Jones: yes….so do i lol…are you in the fitx group

Rosemary Carlson: Cen Biotech

Noelle Jones: that may be where i’ve seen you then

Rosemary Carlson: I got booted by Mo ages ago, he’s a wanker

Noelle Jones: ohhhhhhh the original page….yeah i didn’t last long there either…there’s another page now though

Rosemary Carlson: Jerry, Addison, Alexander and so on. Been there since the beginning

Rosemary Carlson: Yes I’m in the CENBF/CEN-T group and the class action group that May runs

Noelle Jones: ok…i’ve seen you around then which i suspected. Your name was familiar to me

Rosemary Carlson: I’m the Aussie that pisses everyone off every so often when the bullshit PR used to come out

Noelle Jones: how’d you like that pr announcing an upcoming pr? lmao

Noelle Jones: which never happened lol

Rosemary Carlson: Still coming…. Soon

Rosemary Carlson: Wish I never heard of them, $12k down

Noelle Jones: define soon……because they’ve had years lmao

Noelle Jones: ouch

Noelle Jones: Bill got his………wish they’d give us ours

Rosemary Carlson: The ‘Sheep’ always say it’s going to happen ‘soin’

Noelle Jones: blind pumpers get on my damn nerves

Rosemary Carlson: Bill was selling as we were buying, rip off #;^t

Noelle Jones: reeked of p and d but oh well…..i got free shares sitting there. if they ever start trading, i can recoup some losses i guess

Rosemary Carlson: If Bill ever submits the S-1 form and signs it with his real signature

Rosemary Carlson: Anyway gotta have some lunch, catch up again sometime

Noelle Jones: take care

Alice Sandoval: MJNA

Rosemary Carlson: KGKG could be a sleeper

Katie Mclaughlin::

Kaia Sparks: TRTC

Noelle Jones: no

Kaia Sparks: Haha whatever you say

Kaia Sparks: ACOL has been on fire!

Kaia Sparks: Better get in on the dip!

Harrison Todd: I jumped in CARA at 10, gonna hold it for as long as i can, if it drops to 13 or below im out

Victor Shaw::

Victor Shaw: Cara has gone up over 100% in the past 3 months

Miracle Graves: i heard CARA is good.


Amanda Griffith: What about cnab?

Xavier Cobb: GLDFF truley is the only pot company in the USA publicly traded. GLDFF operates out of Oregon, Washington and Nevada ! Seven brands. They make shatter, oil carts and soon to be “edibles” Truly seed to oil

Jillian Torres: Bought cara at 14. Following my Canadian mj stocks too

Harrison Todd: Hell to be honest, i may cut my losses on other stocks an put that money into clara, i expect it could rise another 100% in the next 3 months


Daniel Green: $ABBV haha.

Daniel Green: U want a top tier drug company with a dividend and conservative valuation with an FDA approved “pot” drug look no further $ABBV

Travis Parker: Owcp and sing are my plays

Tyler Thomas: MJNA,TRTC GWPH

Tyler Thomas: I hate to say it but don’t think it’s time yet

Lily Hayes: GRPOF

Braelynn Mathis: Just whatever lol have fum lost my butt on it next haha

Amira Carson: USMJ had news today. Spiking up so far these last days

Adrianna Walton: ACB, expanding patient base with canadian legalization looming.. for long term

Noelle Hampton: I have two of the three that you mentioned.