Thoughts on suggestions?

I sold most of my stocks this year for profit and now I’m thinking about getting a whole new set of stocks that pay me dividends on a weekly basis. I got this from as a strategy to earn dividends weekly with these companies. Decent companies in my opinion. Thought I share this!

Alan MacLeod: Thanks for sharing.

Javier Loay: Companies don’t pay weekly dividends. I think you mean investing in companies so that the dividend schedule occurs on a monthly basis.

Maybelline Croes: Did I say these companies pay weekly? Nooooo!!! It’s a strategy to get weekly didvidends!

Javier Loay: Maybelline Croes ” stocks that pay me dividends on a weekly basis.”It is the way it is written. All is well. ?

Maybelline Croes: Alphas Seeker fuck off

Javier Loay: Maybelline Croes Take it easy. Didn’t mean to offend.

Cadu F.: Wtf Maybelline Croes, why are you so rude?!? Must be that time of the month.

Shane Bonham: Maybelline Croes, you owe apologies around here… people could’ve eaten you alive for what you said in this thread, and they didn’t… thank them.

Joel Hirschey: If one stock pays dividends on the first week the other on the second the other on the third week the other one the last week of the month she is getting weekly dividends…. Shane Bonham a girl that hot would eat you alive and leave you with no money…

Emon Hasan: A hot chick can get away with murder!

Bruce Blu: Maybelline Croes yes she will get divs weekly

Jackie Decker: Yes I have done same lately…move more into dividend stocks. I feel a bear market coming…more then we’ve seen lately. Dividends a good way to combat that. Cut back on volatility.

Jaime Aye: Lmaoooo

Jackie Decker: Jaime Aye laugh all ya want. Bought TSCO last week at $59. Went up to $68 by Friday…and good dividends coming.

Dervin Smith: Jackie Decker is this the correct symbol Tristate Capitol Holdings (TSC) comes as $25 per share.

Jason Kilby: Dervin Smith Its TSCO

Dervin Smith: Jason Kilby thanks!

Jackie Decker: Dervin Smith yes sorry! Tractor Supply.

Jackie Decker: Sorry No. TSCO is what I meant. That must be what so and so meant by spelling mistake. Didn’t catch it….

Dakota Smith: Leave at&t alone loljk

Tilli Fernandez: Dividends at a high level as this? Returns are small

Mike Tsirin: This table is div payment, not stock ex dividend, right? Thx

Joe Gibson: WFM

Maybelline Croes: So I did my homework and I added all those companies in an excel spreadsheet. The total return would be 3.5% annually based on $52k that will bring in $1,816 for a total of $38 weekly. Not a great strategy! Basically just to keep up w inflation.

Maybelline Croes: I also did a compound interest based on 20 years and adding $4,500 annually. Will grow to $235k. Now mind you this is only Dividends. Of course all these can appreciate for capital gains.

Jackie Decker: Good work!

Emon Hasan: Mall business is down , simon property is not a good stock anymore for a long term investment choice

Robert Freeman: you would have to pick 2x etf and cefs to make any real money from 52k. not recommended but you will make a lot more than 38 bucks a week

David Weddle: Oil stocks

Bruce Blu: T…is going down..bad times

Gregory Battis: Do not get SPG. Headwinds coming for the next 20 years.