Are you buying Marijuana ETF?

A Marijuana ETF due in December!?! You buying?

Mckinley Carr: Might be a good one to watch . Need to see what it does 1st before jumping all in . Have they listed price point?

Mya Chambers: LARE correct?

Jordan Reynolds: Theres a canadian one $hmmj

Sabrina Hubbard: Thanks for heads up

Arielle Olson: There have been around 40 of these so far. I think 2 still exist

Reagan Gutierrez: There has been a Canadian one since early this year.HRIZN MRJN LIF SCNC INX CL AETF UNTTSE: HMMJ

Jase Hart: nah. individual stocks will be winners in this game.

Arielle Olson: I agree.

Selah Wise: Aurora cannabis has kicked butt

Helena Wolfe: Problem is that almost every one of the companys in the etf’s basket are very small, micro caps. A vast majority of them will be serious dogs. I can’t imagine this being profitable yet.

Sydney Jefferson: i already own CGC is worth it to own an ETF

Arielle Olson: I would say you would want to look into theETF you are interested in and determine if Canopy is a part of it’s holdings. You already have the industry leader so if theETF is weighted heavily with CGC holdings, you are simply leveraging vs diversifying

Jordan Reynolds: Keep canopy, the $hmmj etf contains some companies not affiliated with growing weed