What does everyone think about CARA?

What does everyone think about CARA, I know it got a poor 4th quarter earning but the overall company is not in bad shape?

Kamila Wells: Love it

Kamila Wells: Get in at 12 and got out at 18.05.

Ana Lopez: How many did u have? I got in late ?

Kamila Wells: I was just starting out only had 1k in. Also had oclr got in at 5.45 and got out at 9.05.

Teagan Bryant: I brought in at 10.09

Francisco Barber: I been watching cinse 9 and now is @17

Alaina Steele: I think it’s going up from here tbh. Sadly, I only have a few shares, but have strong hopes of it breaking $20 in the not too distant future.

Avery Price: I got 15 shares at 17 ?

Ana Lopez: Yea I bought at the low yesterday for 16.90 but I see it’s dipping bad since close to 15 and change

Avery Price: By no means am I a expert stock trader but personally I’m just going to hold on and hope it comes up positive

Magnolia Hamilton: If you have it for 90 days you’ve made a double. Sell half and let the rest run. The short term trend is down but long term still above the MAs. See todays chart

Rose Clark: why would anyone want to buy it not. its going for a downtrend.