Which ETFs should I buy?

Which ETFs should I buy tomorrow? #rockytimes ?

Amiyah West: those that fit your investment profile and objectives

Devin Sims: BOTZ

Alina Thompson: Spy

Gabrielle Day: LABD

Gabrielle Day: I win

Jorge Ball: None

Aliyah Rhodes: XLK/QQQ

Victor Rivera: $APHQF they just signed a supply deal with shoppes drug mart today

Elias Collins: Ura

Ryker Roy: TWMJF, BOTZ, TAN. I would also consider the Financial ETF: XLF. But only a Pilot Position in that one.

Maddison Hughes: Just buy NGLD and sell it at 1.90 at 0.20 trust me buying 14 millio. Shares so minimum I’ll be at is 1.95

Kylie Davis: You’re really pushing NGLD ?

Phoebe Palmer: AIEQ

Leo Stewart: Spy

Adelina Baldwin: Soxl, Ura

Imani Estrada: TLT FTW 😛

Zane Butler: Thanks for this. I will check them all!

Henley Dawson: BOTZ

Gabrielle Day: Lol. Really dude

Gabrielle Day: LABD won

Gabrielle Day: $DRIP was another easy one

Leslie Schwartz: UGAZ after Eia report