What is a fairly safe ETF?

What are the best fairly safe etfs that have a average percent increase around 9 or 10% or better if possible, im looking for a good core etf that I’ll put most of my money in, I just dont want something that I might lose everything in, I’ve heard about S&P 500 n was thinking about that, is there any better ones

Raven Chapman: I have a good chunk in AOM..it is a good 5% growth on average and 2% dividend with sortino ratio of 1.19..probably one of the safest decent growth funds to invest and forget

Fiona Maldonado: ETFs are mostly junk,

Marilyn Chapman: I beg to disagree, but its a matter of opinion

Jayden Pratt: What does Troy like, if he would only say?

Jayden Pratt: I will take ITOT or IVV

Marilyn Chapman: VIG, NOBL, SDY Historically average 12% return

Nia Hogan: DIA outperforms SPY

Nia Hogan: Best ETF mixture50% DIA25% QQQ25% SVXYNo other mix can beat this regarding growth and safety

Eden Frazier: look into triples, like TQQQ and others. Market timing will be important

Nia Hogan: SVXY beats all 3X leverage ETF ….and its not leverageCompare I am right