Question: Google, Amazon or Tesla?

Google, Amazon or Tesla? I know it’s not a ETF investment question, but really want to add one or two growth companies. Thoughts? Thanks ? ?

Ken Faulkenberry: I wouldn’t own any of these, but IF you must own one of the three then Google is the easy choice. Amazon and Tesla are at insane valuations.

Bob Gould: This month I started positions in GOOGL and AMZN. I too was looking to add growth names to my portfolio. I bought 1 share of each, it’s a start.

Avi Tanny: Wmt over amazon

Terry Cheng: CONE, dividend growth stock.

Lu Muas: do your homework.

Josher Lumpkin: I think that’s what he’s trying to do by posting here and asking people’s opinions.

Brad Betenia: I think TSLA’s best days are behind them. This stock will come crashing back down to earth. The price rose on hopes, dreams, and bs spewed by Musk. It had nothing to do with fundamentals.

Andy Brinkhaus: Lol maybe… or institutional investors craving a unicorn return bid up the stock price with borrowed money. Still a hopeful company, but I think Wall Street grew lovestruck over it after what happened with traditional domestic car companies around ’09

Andy Brinkhaus: In terms of ROI in the present there are better options though.

Steve Porter: Not Tesla.. Google between the 2 but either will prove good long term

Ali Hd: Amzon going to 1500. It’s the future

Alex Xraytech: Amzn missed 2 quaters. It only makes 4 billion on 500 billion of sales. tesla cult stock with 1 billion in loss every quater. Google best choice. No brainer

Brad Betenia: Investors in these stocks can’t handle this logic.

Steve Porter: Cult stock..haha

Alex Xraytech: It has youtube 100 billion stand alone busines. Ipo soon. App store. Search engine second to none. Its hardware inovations watch tablet phones. Google maps that revenue chain

Jeremy Tome: Google, then Amazon, then Tesla.Everyone craps on Tesla. But the patents held are incredible. Rode in my boss’s P100D… Insane compared to a Google car…

Robert Freeman: insane price and less practical than a diesel. car. so theres that.

Scott Miller: Question should be google amazon or apple?

Dan Schaefer: You might also consider Activision Blizzard for likely growth (possibly massive) and a small dividend that may be increased over time. I needed more growth and didn’t want more Amazon, and ATVI has been a great solution.

Seth William Banks: I like the major publicly traded vidya game makers. I don’t own any but I hope to change that as I continue to grow out my base, get this promotion at work and get off student pay, and am able to throw more cash at stuff.I also like thr hardware makers for the gaming world. VR is going to transform gaming.

Dan Schaefer: I like that, in addition to killing it with games and gaming leagues, ATVI is expanding into movies and acting like an entertainment company rather than just a gaming company. And they know how to monetize everything. I think of them as a Disney for a new era.

James Braley: Take2 man, 100% return in like 6 months.

Seth William Banks: I like AMZN and GOOGL. I do most of my growth investing through the Vanguard ETF MGK, though. I figure they should be able to spot when something is about to fall on its face long before me.

Reginald Mitchell: Google is a strong brand. I don’t own the stock but I do believe in them. I bought tesla when it was under 200 so I got in at the right time. Very volatile right now so keep on ur watch list.

Kyle Prest: Amazon is gonna take over the world, Google is always a great optionI strongly believe Tesla we’ll continue to grow as the world opens up to letting it be sold

Robert Freeman: they should try to take over walmart first. hint: they cant.

Kyle Prest: Retail is dieing

Kyle Prest: Alibaba is gonna explode soon

Seth William Banks: BABA is one I wish my growth ETF would get into, but it’s not a US stock so no go.

Michele De Luca: all those 3 are good.. divide the investment

Keith Kopets: The way I approach big tech companies (with some exceptions) is through derivatives (call/put options). For example, you could buy 1 share of AMZN for $1,000. Or you could control 100 shares of AMZN for $5,250 if you buy the $1,000 call option expiring in mid-December. If you bought 100 shares of AMZN at the current price, it would cost you $100,000.There are plenty of growth stocks that pay dividends.

Sam Kvcs: Sure but then if Amazon is flat, you’ve lost 5k…

Keith Kopets: That’s only one example. A better practice is buying deep in the money calls with at least a year before they expire. But this is a discussion for another forum. If you do not have the experience and understanding of options, stay away from them.

Sam Kvcs: Keith Kopets Agreed that would be smarter. šŸ™‚

Keith Kopets: It’s what I’m doing now with non-dividend growth stocks. Buying January 2019 in the money calls.

Eric Landis: I’d rank them in the order you have them listed, with Tesla a far distant #3. I’d actually throw out Facebook (FB) as a more attractive replacement to Tesla on your list. I have my doubts that Tesla will survive long term with its B- credit rating, huge losses, and large CapEx needs going forward.

Steve Haar: Are these the only three growth companies you can think of? Part of the reason why some own these even if it’s one share is ego. Social conversation: AMZN? ” sure I own some.” There are so many others that have realistic valuations and even some that pay a dividend. Examples are V, MA, EW, ALGN, EA, BABA, SHOP, FIZZ

Brad Betenia: I like most of this list.

Junie Sophia Xu: That’s a long list?, I’ll look into all. Thanks

Thomas Blase: Junie Sophia Xu go with Vanguard Information Technology ETF (VGT)

Brad Betenia: That Jeremy Lvancevic guy deleted his post? Lol.

Mike Dodge: That’s weird. What was his response to me?

Brad Betenia: He didn’t have cash to buy any shares.

Brad Betenia: I guess he was embarrassed that he was so cocky in his response but was completely wrong.

Junie Sophia Xu: Thanks everyone, really appreciated! I also want to ask: should I buy Growth Stocks in my IRA, Roth or regular brokerage acct?

Seth William Banks: That really depends on what you want to do with them as well as what else you want tax sheltered in you IRA.I like the idea of buying some growth stocks in my IRA and let them grow tax free, but I’m also relatively young still. I also like having growth stocks in my taxable account so that if I want I can get at the money no problem.

Robert Freeman: you should try paying attention to the title of this group and then post accordingly.

Junie Sophia Xu: Robert i did

Michele De Luca:…/watch-amazon-deletes…

Watch As Amazon Deletes Hundreds Of One-Star Reviews Of Hillary Clinton’sā€¦

Junie Sophia Xu: I brought both GOOGL & AMZN in my ROTH acct today. I have TSLA already,so not buying TSLA this time. Last night I was debating if I should add more TSLA or diversify. Thanks everyone for your advices. ā¤ļø

Phuong Tran: Google and/or Amazon. Both are good companies with tremendous growth potential and strong financials. Personally, I don’t think I can live without Google and YouTube. Right now, I don’t use a lot of Amazon’s services, but I heard that AWS is number one in cloud services.

Craig Monroe: Montgomery ward or mervyns

Dtone Fowler: Don’t wait long. GOOGL and AMZN..