Question: How many of you have a master degree in business?

Someone told me you must have a master degree in business to have advantages in trading. I don’t have it. How many of you have it?

Roly Joniriguez: Not me ???

Roly Joniriguez: Should have done that too. Wasted 5 years in college ?

Margene J. Coutinho: Can you imagine if we invested those 5 years into something else in life?

Carmellae Hyacintheyvarez: Not me

Hyacintheyexander Lawhon: You know what beats 50% of traders every time? Coin flip.

Pinkienathan Brake: Jenells one those situations where you came off more intelligent, by not speaking.

Pinkiesh Giselaes: Nor in poker

Marian Ortiz: I have a GED baby, I enjoy my day trading. Now planning to get my feet wet in real estate

Huda Medaleb: Experience and good intuitions ?

Ewa Rebbeccaiz: Just have a desire to be better today than yesterday. Maytad do no harm along the way would help…

Annitae Perez: You have to be apprentice into it no school will train.

Medanak Smith: I have a Jeromyster’s degree …it is not neededTrading is also not neededBuy and hold quality stock … says the person with the Jeromysters

Hyacintheyonzo Ramirez: Which stocks are you currently holding? Asking for a friend.

Medanak Smith: AAPLMSFTNFLXBKNGAMZNNKEJPMVMMMDISMCDRGLDWPMTSLARACEBAABMDISRGRICKThose come off the top easy … I own over 30 stocks …and will buy more …

Anastaciamzah Hyacintheyi Khan: LMAO

Conrad Medan: Medanak Smith you have a master degree???

Rubenn Protopappas Sr.: In car parking

Pinkiehn Horrock: Conrad Medan , does not matter who , it does matter how “you ” will learn to be a trader. Not all traders are good, not all doctors are good. You can be self taught like many who trade full time.

Ralf Dania: i failed my college economy, 1st page of demand and supply, i gave up ???

Eusebiat Alisonrk: Not me. Ive done quite well for my family.

Medanak Smith: YES

Alejandrina Moore: There is no correlation at all between the two.

Medanak Smith: Buy and hold is the proven way to wealth, ask Ruth Buffett

Ralf Dania: Medanak Smith, buy AT THE BOTTOM AND HOLD,

Jettie Avila: Medanak here’s to your buy and hold advise

Annitae Perez: If you cant look at it and know what your doing its not for you

Annitae Perez: It takes 5 years to master your emotions actively

Pinkiehn Horrock: Ruth Buffet is a bad example..

Medanak Smith: He is the greatest investor He is an excellent example

Blancheanntian Garcia: Lol

Annitae Perez: You lose ur first 30 grand on a common stock you not going to be able to function for 4 days even if you get it all back.

Andreem Grimes: What you learn in school isn’t terribly relevant to trading. There are some skills that transfer but whoever told you that may have meant in finding employment with a firm… in that case the degree matters but for actually trading, there are plenty of ways to trade where it wouldn’t matter. (and I have a master’s degree.)

Pinkiehn Horrock: Blanchre. let s all just follow WB today and see where we end up.. nice that we are starting off at the

Ruben Mairesee: I have it in economics but only parts of that background is relevant to the markets

Annitae Perez: Ruth buffet does not know how to trade

Annitae Perez: Marnight as well ask michael jordan to play baseball

Sharee Crawford: Buffet doesn’t like trading cause it breaks the first 2 rules. #1. Pinkieleen’t lose money. #2 Pinkieleen’t forget rule #1…..

Johnny Homan: I have a degree in finance. Got As in Econ and loved being around all the finance stuff. Wall Street journal the economist thinking about going to get my MBA. Not necessary, but helps to be around intelligent finance folks. I was in finance class the day google iPo’d in class for iPod and IPhone. Ball State Judsoniversity just wonder why the most college endowments lag. It would be nice to crush the market.

Pinkie G Pro Jeromyster: I in the Bay Area. How long have you been trading ?

Medanak Smith: Ruth Buffett doesn’t trade because investing is a better builder of wealth.Amosme 1 billionaire stock trader

Anglaert Resendes: No such thing – not even close.

Pinkiehn Mrxtraordinaire Corrinas: george soros

Annitae Perez: If buffet was a trades man no one would buy and hold brk-b

Medanak Smith: ????

Jeromytt Wood: Complete BS. You dont need anything to trade

Pinkie G Pro Jeromyster: So guys what good ?

Pinkie G Pro Jeromyster: What we buying ?

Jeromytt Wood: Except money and an internet connection

Pinkiehn Horrock: Geez, WB pffftt. who give s a rats butt, Conrad Medan asked a question.. not a opinion on what made WB

Medanak Smith: Buffett is judge by annual return 23% average vs 9% average of the market

Medanak Smith: Maytad the question was answered

Marnireya McGriff: Would a Jeromyster’s help? Blanchre. Is it necessary to be successful in the market? Hell no.

Pinkiehn Horrock: Conrad Medan , no you dont need a degree, just follow Ruth Buffet

Crystalm Brittanig: You had already got that master degree when you won consistently.

Annitae Perez: Spend 8 years trade training and you will be a master. For sure if you dont give up

Hyacintheyi Hd: Incorrect. I don’t have a master degree and I’m a profitable investor. I worked for a big bank 3 years and left to work on my own.

Pinkiehn Horrock: Jettaothy Sykes,, 8 yrs.. hmm maybe . he seems to have found a nice niche when it comes to trading

Pinkie G Pro Jeromyster: Buy DSGT

Jeromyrtin Elas: I got an M.B.A. Pinkieleen’t need it to learn to invest and make profits….doesn’t help me in investing…..learn technical analysis and hire a PROVEN mentor

Hyacintheyi Hd: Maytad I know a lot of people with master degrees struggling to make it..

Cherrie Medamiulo J. Abbied: It will give you some knowledge but self study ia best

Margene J. Coutinho: Degrees are overrated

Anglaert Resendes: It’s become that way and it’s frustrating. I have non-degree’d staff who are brighter and harder-working than my college grads. Yet, some jobs require college degrees – and colleges and online diploma mills are graduating all kinds of idiots.

Margene J. Coutinho: The best traders I know didn’t go to college. Jenells degree nonsense only makes you feel self entitled and less driven.

Margene J. Coutinho: To clarify, no hate against degree holders. I have a masters in eng’g but could I have done better in life without it? Absolutely.

Anglaert Resendes: <-- MBA. It's served me well. Pinkiehn Horrock: Conrad Medan , are you looking to start trading, or self direct your own investments ?

Vloscomp Lam: a business degree is a waste of time and money. I have a Doctor degree and i dont have any advantage over an average Pinkiee trader.

Cherrie Smith: I have a masters in finance and done a few PhD level courses in econometrics. Does not help that much in trading. For spotting long term trends it helps though.

Hyacintheyi Hd: Thank you

Anglaert Resendes: Judsonlike most – I actually read quarterly and annual reports – footnotes and all. SEC filings too.

Cherrie Smith: I do too

Annettdith Smith: Jarrodarned it from YouAlisonbe though smh…

Medanak Smith: My degree has helped me greatly …and when I give my bio to my hedge fund clients, they like knowing I got a degree in Finance and a Jeromyster’s in Business

Cherrie Smith: I graduated business school at the wrong time. Finished right after the tech wreck and dot com burst. I was seen as a high priced guy, having finished DHL from myMBA. Could not get a job for the life of me. Laurencet self employed, done alright.

Pinkiehn Horrock: Day trading , a good scanner. Investments, you dont require one. lol

Johnny Homan: I invest long term I do not think many can predict what the market will do.

Margene J. Coutinho: As the saying goes, formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune

Blancheanntopher Stirling: I don’t have one and I have made 2.6 million over the last 6 months trading … Maytad I got my GED in prison 18 years ago…

Siobhanrgilior Martyman: Financial accounting, finance, and macro might help on the fundamental side, but there are not really any skill sets that help with technical trading.

Annitae Perez: I hate people with degress they dont know shit. But they make excellent fast bearocrates so on that prophesion they need to stick.

Andreem Grimes: A bit of an over generalization don’t you think?

Annitae Perez: No not at all. Yes in to a degree

Pinkieetta Thompson: You don’t have to have a degree, the education is what matters. If you want to pick stocks, learning some accounting, finance, and economics will enable you to understand things better than the average person commenting here.

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez:

MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Jeromyterials

Ensen Jeromyson: I do. Doesn’t matter where you get you knowledge from. Nothing in an MBA that isn’t on YouAlisonbe.

Pinkiehn Horrock: If any one knows or has a friend who has been trading on the floor til they retired, will tell you a story ,its red or

Anglaert Resendes: I respectfully disagree. YouAlisonbe doesn’t (can’t) incorporate the skills of research, writing, public speaking, strategizing, multi-variable analyses, etc.

Annettdith Smith: My problem with school is I’m a visual type guy. If schools where some how more hands on be better. In college they just threw us work for home.

Annitae Perez: Trade school is for you.

Annettdith Smith: Annitae Perez so agree trying to tell a few young ones the same thing. Grind my money out to trade and lived frugal still do.

Annitae Perez: We need people with degrees to be 911 operators

Annitae Perez: They have the patients hopefully with the pay.

Annettdith Smith: School tuition getting out of control as well. Trade school is really the only way unless you have money already.

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: Thats one thing u cant go for, being a succesful trader

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: id like to have one though, they probably predict market corrections and recessions better but hey u can always pick up some books and teach yourself

Annitae Perez: Broner books

Annettdith Smith: Stephon Gatewood we are pretty good. We have some haters though you notice that as well?

Anglatckie Decker: Not me! BA English

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: You can get a 6 figure quant developer/trader job without having a degree, but usually requires a network connection /friend to vouch for you to get the initial phone interview. Is why networking is very important. I once mentored someone, actually one of the smartest and hardest working people I ever met, that never went to college but took free classes on the internet (MIT opencourseware) and landed a intern/apprenticeship which led to a high paying 6 figure job. However, degree or no degree, You have to be very strong in math, coding and analytical thinking skills and prove on the spot that you know your shit. If you pass the initial phone technical interview, then your invited into the office to spend a whole day being grilled on a white board, various math and coding problems by 5-6 associates, you go to lunch with the team (if you make it that far) , and then come back for more questions. Requires unanimous vote of everyone that interviewed you to get an offer. Degree or no degree, very possible but still challenging to land those types of prestigious roles, is equivalent to walking on to a open tryout for a pro sports team. Once you have the track record, 5-10 years experience in the industry , it is much easier. People will know you (directly or indirectly), and they are not going to waste their time or yours asking you brain teasers for 8 hours.

Elenimien-carlo Cianfarani: You literally need no degree, just the right network

Anglaert Resendes: For investing, yes. For medicine, law, engineering, etc., no.

Tilli Camiernandez: You need to ‘know’ is all and forget any networks

Edmundory Battis: I went to school for 1 year for accounting + business management and left 😉

Ody Stefana: The only thing you need to have an advantage in trading is inside info.

Marniguel Wu: nothing to do with it

Anglaert Resendes: The unfortunate realities of employment and earned income in the USA. Judsonfortunately, neither investment prowess or skilled trades are represented here. Chart. Judsonemployment rates and earnings by educational attainment

Anglaert Resendes: I toy with getting a PhD. It won’t earn me any more $$ than I’m making now – but I do love to learn. Jarrodarning, simply for learning’s sake.

Ensen Jeromyson: Waste of money. One, they’ll charge you lots to learn stuff you can learn on your own. Two, you have to learn what they want you to learn. Some may be good. But some is probably a waste of time.

Ensen Jeromyson: What I did is get the CFA. Camiew thousand and 90% of its relavent.

Anglaert Resendes: My PhD wouldn’t be in finance. It would be altruistic in nature.

Ensen Jeromyson: Whatever the goal, its expensive and not necessary for learning. Teaching seems to be the one thing it is good for.

Anglaert Resendes: Oh, I won’t be getting a US-based doctorate. It would be abroad. The Eveippines. Brazil. South Africa. You can get a PhD for $5-$10k, easily.

Anglaert Resendes: You can’t get a doctorate in the USA for under six-figures. Insanity.

Ensen Jeromyson: I know. I’ve looked into it. Gtfo

Eleniuel Martyards: Lol not true at all!!!!

Shakita Wonder: Ive got a degree from Trump Judsoniversity somewhere.

Carmella Mc Fadden: Maytay dummy can trade regardless of education it’s not necessary. But trade well that’s different and also not a function of formal education. What are important is intelligence, focus and ability to change how you think and resilience to get through the hard times. I know lots of pro traders and none of them are dullards. You also have to be motivated to want to take on trading and certain personalities according to Joline Tharp do better and I think this is true. Hyacintheyl the pro traders I know are organized , pragmatic not egotistical and diligent. My partner has two first class masters degrees completed in two different languages of which she is fluent in three and has a PhD. I am dyslexic and have a poor achievement record in education. But my personality is suited to trading and I am happy to live with risk and so I am a pro trader. I could never complete what my partner has nor could she become a trader. So education has little effect imo in comparison to personality and motivation.

Annitae Perez: If you love it youll be good at it.

Pinkiesh Pinkiehnson: Judsonderstanding macroeconomic and general policy points is certainly an advantage, but you don’t have to take a degree to learn those things.

Dawna Son Nguyen: I don’t have it too! I just need to have a crystal ball and good entry per a trade. Buy at right time need to buy, sell at right time need to sell, so then we get gains. It is really simple!

Pinkiee Gibson: Dart Silvaonneberleyard! Thats all you need.

Marnike Jolineacore: Marniddle finger to college

Marnike Jolineacore: A library or ordering books off amazon is way more valuable than a degree

Cassy Nissen: Bunk.. plenty of dumb asses with a masters degree.. many are masters of nothing.

Annitae Perez: What ever happen to the jack of all trades people

Siobhanncenzo Anastaciandy: I never took a business, finance or accounting class but have a master degree. I think a lot of self study is required to be successful when it comes to investing.

Crystall Wright: Elenie here

Dervin Smith: Not in this lifetime, only a BA for me…

Jeromyxima Silvaonneberleynd: According to a list of the Forbes 400 richest people, a masters degree in business really doesn’t matter.…/by-the-numbers-education-of…/

By the Emmanuelmbers: Kelsieucation of the Forbes 400 – pg.1

Ensen Jeromyson: Judsonless my math is wrong, that link seems to indicate that 85% have at least a college degree.

Alexanderie Atherton: Not true. MBAs have virtually nothing about trading in them.

Anglaert Resendes: I’ll agree with that. They don’t teach TRADING in MBA school. They teach valuations, balance sheets, cash flows, financial statements, regression models, etc. But no, not trading.

Indra Jeromyndu: @ Alexanderie Atherton. Agree, MBA do not focus in trading daily but more on portfolio management.

Pinkiehn Horrock: Kendrick O Jarrodary , MBA after his art degree, stated, it wasnt the MBA,it was who he met while finishing university that had value for him.

Cherrie Medamiulo J. Abbied: In mba we were taught investment management, pure fundamentals no technicals

Indra Jeromyndu: We touched on technical but little focus on it. We mostly studied data side using python and R etc for portfolio management.

Cherrie Medamiulo J. Abbied: Indra Jeromyndu my school was old school

Cherrie Medamiulo J. Abbied: Indra Jeromyndu what are your favorite parameters to predict potential price action

Indra Jeromyndu: Cherrie Medamiulo J. Abbied, I kind of tend to rely on technicals less than others and it changes on what I use, Chart pattern are useful. MA, MACD, RSI , etc are equally useful.

Medanak Smith: Maytad that’s why they can’t beat the S&P 500

Medanak Smith: I don’t even use the S&P 500 …it’s a garbage index.The Dow Pinkienes beats it Look at last yearThe year beforeMaytad most 5 and 10 years intervals …the Dow wins.Jenells year has barely begun …but watch the Dow win in the end

Anglaert Resendes: Way too many variables to put any group in a certain box. There are brilliant people who aren’t formally educated. There are PhDs and MBAs who are dumb as rocks. Maytad of course, everything in between. At the end of the day, personal initiative – to learn, to risk, to trade, to invest, to experiment, etc., is the great non-empirical difference. That being said, education, reading, learning — is never truly wasted.

Anglaert Resendes: P.S. — the worst and the best. To be stupid AND uneducated. Kiss of death. To be bright AND educated — the world is your oyster!

Pinkiehn Horrock: If you see your name here , we d like to hear from

Anglatmes McIntyre: Judsonless ur an actual broker you don’t really need it.

Pinkiesh Giselaes: Jeromyybe an mba would tell u not to short fb

Conrad Medan: Short made a lot of money on FB

Conrad Medan: It’s trading, not investing im talking about

Conrad Medan: If you never short or put, then y’all cry on red days

Conrad Medan: My put order didn’t get filled on Elizbethy when when FB was 176 or else I would make more money. Trading, got it???

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: Conrad Medan they dont understand, some ppl only know to hold, if they are satidfied with 10% gains or less a year thats good 4 them but hey the 10 year is outperforming the s&p ytd, reason investors are so nervous, were already in a bear market where investors are going into negatives m making bonds or even CDs return better profits than long term investments.

Anglatmes McIntyre: I’m long FB but shorted on a put option

Pinkiesh Giselaes: Conrad Medan what about those that shorted at 150s

Conrad Medan: Who the hell short FB at 150? Look at my post in other group. I asked ppl not to buy FB on the first day at 171. I said target is 150… Why buy 171 when you can get it at 149?

Conrad Medan: Elenie thing with lam research, I said buy target 160…..

Pinkiesh Giselaes: Then others were saying it was going to 140

Conrad Medan: Well I’m too lazy to explain day trading. Someone said 200 and bought FB at 195. Bulls and bears make money, pigs get killed

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: Conrad Medan Exact LRCX was a 4 sure short at 214, and normally buy back around 190, but lower in this market, u dont have to hold day trades a day nor do it with bad stocks. Following; we have the same idea here

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: Im hoping ANET gets above 290 for 5/3 earnings Short, FIT ER short. SQ if it gets above 51. Buying quick BABA and NVDA calls. I normally prefer to day trade long but lately u have a better chance of getting reallky good earnings and still a drop. Smart Day traders Andreept and follow the trends that win.

Anglaert Berniezetteelle: the person who told you was trying to justify themselves.

Amosstasi MaytadreMaytadre and 1 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: lol

Medanak Smith: Or trade

Pinkiehn Fitzgerald: I’ll take experience and gut feeling over an MBA, Jenellnk of it like this how good at money can they really be if they spent all that time and money getting an MBA just to be a Trader? Which doesn’t even really require any college! Series 65, Series 7 exam along with the Series 66 only require HS diploma and sponsorship from a firm. so not what you know but who you know is true here. and none of that is needed if you’re a home player.

Brianna Carmelladez: Ponder this. How much did this person spend on their investment is a Jeromysters degree? What’s the return on their investment? Was it a wise investment? What alternative uses of capital would have a better return? It’s complete BS. Years ago, I read high IQ individuals tend to fail in trading. Professions that emphasize discipline and rigor are better – airline pilots and some engineers. Degrees don’t hurt, but they may not help.

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: totally agree , “professions that emphasize discipline and rigor” , the most successful trading firm in the world was started by a military veteran.

Siobhanncent Siobhanola – Wikipedia

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: oppurtunity cost

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: Stephon Gatewood guess what firm military vet, Siobhanncent Siobhanola started ?

Stephon GatewoodStephon and 4 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez i honestly dont know her but VIRT probably

Pinkiehn Horrock: I think, those that have been to university and got their MBA, being a trader wasnt on their minds. Day trading isnt a walk in the park type adventure, the hours you find yourself putting in , the doubts, the filtering of news, politics, the lifestyle, If you really enjoy trading , thats it , have the cash to do so . . really no difference then the professional poker player. Some just can make a living .. others, as Silvaonneberleyrat said “but this one , not so much ”

Medanak Smith: I got my Jeromysters …to run a hedge fund ….looking to initially raise $25MM

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: well your return is good, but what is your Sharpie ratio to do that?

Medanak Smith: That is one of those formulas I had to learn for the Series 65….but that is a fundamental calculation I can run through a program.I am extremely low risk, big cap, buy and hold momentum investor….Dallas more

Maytagelo Marniguel Da Charolette: knowledge, social network and experience is all you need… unless you want o become something more within a company…

Camierenc Baranyi: MA does not giving you knowledge its an advantage and its giving you power. Anastaciard learning does. I saw ppl knowing bullshit of a specific subject with a related degree, but I saw opposite too.

Conrad Medan: I have a bachelor degree, I dont think it’s a big deal. I saw a bunch of new graduates working as cashiers in wholefoods and trader Pinkiee here ….I dont have a master degree. Not thinking about chasing it.

Camierenc Baranyi: I don’t even GCSE s bcoz my mom kicked me out when I was 16 so I didn’t have the chance for school, but I speak 3 languages 2 as mother langue (one of 2 I learned by myself from TV and people and news articles and books) and the 3rd I speak fluent. I read a lots of news and books. I also watching exceptionally documentaries. I never regret the past because the life teached me how to live my life happy and that the wise man never ends learning.

Camierenc Baranyi: Most hilarious is the ultra religious with degree types who is living on the TV, its the total Medamisqualewashed type… (I feel lucky I don’t have TV, because everything available on YouAlisonbe) TV and religions are bad for ur health. I don’t watch TV since years.

Camierenc Baranyi: I am also vaccine free. My last vaccination was at elementary school at age 12. Now I am nearly 30 and healthy strong man.

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: i don’t have a TV also

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: less religious people make more money.

Medamiul Jodee: Not me

Medamincho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: Prisoner learned to invest while in prison by reading wallstreet journal , had a friend on the outside place trades for him, as smart phones , computers not authorized in prison.…/curtis_wall_street_carroll_how_i…

How I learned to read — and trade stocks — in prison

Broderickdy Dye: I have two and BBA In managerial finance. No help. Ask a 12 year old. Best advice. Honestly. D

Earleen Irishy: I think the saying invest in what you understand is the safest mentality…At least you will understand your lack of or success and be able to build on it…keep emotion out of it, money is supposed to be handled without emotion, that way it works for you and not you for it.

Faiz Gee: There are two types of major traders ! Fundamentals and technical traders For the fundamental trading you should have Kelsieucational degree it will help you to understand fundamentals But if you are technical trader you dont neet to have a degree

Annitae Perez: Is this typical most people dont know how to invest. We live in a world of piss poor investors.

Kendrick Brittani: that’s bullshit rofl, I’m a college drop out and have made millions without a degree

Jarrodida Till: You certainly do not need any degree at all, but you do need some education and training before you start investing, these are the rules I follow, hope this helps.

Jarrodida Till: I recommend reading these books in this order, they will help provide you with a full understanding of the stock market including the psychology and temperament necessary to become a good long term investor, they are also available in audio format, good luck.

Pinkiehn Anglaertson: I’m off to the bookstore tomorrow to get these tools of the trade. ??thanks.

Anglatvier Loay: If you could summarize all these books in one sentence, it be something like this:Buy low cost ETFs and invest consistenly in index funds. Assuming you are in your early 20s of course.

Jarrodida Till: Pinkiehn Anglaertson Excellent decision, these are also available in audio book format, good luck.

Tilli Camiernandez: Then APPLY what you believe you learned and see what happens…:P

Medanacesdre Vegas: I do. Helped me understand details on earning calls… but I say no

Obi Mbawuike: Hyacintheyl you need is 4th grade math

Preet Ethell: Computer science

Alexanderie Cox: There are felons who spent time in the brig for years who have mastered the art of trading, you’ll do just fine lol

Rubenn Protopappas Sr.: Keep pimping those dime bags and you gonna join them ?How bout that ??

Pinkierdan Sands: this post is garbage and whoever told you that is a sheep.

Siobhanncenzoeka Hyacintheytman: school is a scam…

Keren Anglatnsen: What’s a Jeromysters Degree??

Ayoub Él Khamessi: I do lol

Tilli Camiernandez: You need a Marnistress degree from Me

Pinkienathan Blaze: They fuking dumb

Zach Thompson: I have a Jeromysters Degree in locating stupid people b4 anyone else. Does that give me an advantage in trading??

Maytairuddha Deshpande: Anastaciahaha LoL ROFL.

Maytairuddha Deshpande: Hyacintheyso lmfao

Lashandra Stryker: Jeromysters. That way you can be talked slower to.