What do you think of ZYNE?

So glad I went with ZYNE instead of CARA. Up almost 10% on ZYNE, going long

Kehlani Brewer: I’m up plus 13% with CARA.

Gemma Hines: It had a good run, I noticed it too late though and decided to wait and go with ZYNE instead. Since then CARA hasn’t done much expect float around $16

Kehlani Brewer: Gemma Hines: if you got in ZYNE back in Nov/Dec 2016 when it was $13/$14 you would definitely be winning.

Kehlani Brewer: Gemma Hines: I feel like medical marijuana companies are going to eventually boom based on policy changes by Government. I’m in for the long

Gemma Hines: Kehlani Brewer: yea I know :/ I got into BAC and TMUS around that time instead, up about 20% on those since then. It’s been a good run for the entire market

Gemma Hines: Kehlani Brewer: I agree. I am curious to see president trump’s take on it. Hopefully he leaves it all up to the states, that’d be huge for the industry

Kehlani Brewer: Gemma Hines: that was the stance of the new Supreme Court judge who is from Colorado.

Gemma Hines: Kehlani Brewer: hopefully that helps, we shall see. Fingers crossed ?