What other stocks would you recommend right now than Amazon and HEAR?

Currently invested in HEAR(turtle beach) and Amazon. Turtle beach is falling. Opinions? What other stocks would you recommend right now? Fairly new at trading. Only been in it for a few months.

Karsyn Barnett: Hold until you profit

Annie Glover: Did you catch the wave (HEAR) at its peak , AMZN you don’t have to worry

Dayana Lindsey: Thanks!

Dayana Lindsey: I got into hear multiple times. Some I got in at 7 something. Others i got in at 17 yesterday. Everyone’s saying it’s expecting to go up as far as 23-30 a share. Just curious on everyone’s opinions on this theory

Annie Glover: Well, stocks take time, good ER , and momentum to get to its target price.

Annie Glover: This is my 2nd times trading this stock. Made $300 last week. and got back in again this morning at the dip.

Dayana Lindsey: That’s sort of what I did. Got in at 7.50 last week. Traded. And got back in Tuesday around 17ish. So slightly down today. But it seems like it’s gonna go up again next week.

Annie Glover: Sure, if you believe it will go up next week then let wait and see . I think it will too and once I make 40%, am out.

Josie Mills: BZUN

Diego Gregory: Think you missed HEAR

Dayana Lindsey: Possibly!

Diego Gregory: Probably…. lol

Dayana Lindsey: What are ones or places you would recommend paying attention too. I’m still learning this

Addison Sanders: It depends if you plan on being a day trader, swing player or long-term holder. Amat just took a huge hit. Today I played Adom and Uavs

Gabriella Hunt: Vrx and snap IMO

Arielle Page: I am still holding my #HEAR 🙂

Dayana Lindsey: Same!

Rosalie Little: I just got in into $NWL … right now is a great entry at lows 26 …. long term hold while collecting dividends … it could easily double in a couple of years

Fatima Logan: Trxc is booming ???

Presley Peters: Wait for the next dip and get into Square. It’s been one of my best stocks for a year now.

Luis Wood: I like the etf GAMR. I like Take Two interactive also