I have $750 what ETF should I get long term?

I have $750 what ETF should I get Long term?

Alexandra Allen: Short QQQ.

King Fisher: Personally I would short real estate

Savannah Alvarado: I just want something to hold for 30 years and never touch it

Natalia Spencer: than get something chinese.

Kyler Bryan: VEA and VTHR. That is what I hold for 30 years plus. And dollar cost average into.

Jace Garrett: VOO or VTI

Kyler Bryan: That is a lot of US exposure but I do like them.

Jace Garrett: Iain Bibney how about VT, VXUS, & VWO ?

Hallie Drake: SCHD is good and managed by Charles Schwab brokerage.

Noah Harmon: Buy the DIA own the Dow Jones which beats the S&P 500, and go to sleep

Marley Davis: IPAY, BOTZ, IBUY, or ARKQ

Lorenzo Joseph: Buy USDT

Annabelle Gonzalez: S&P 500

Savannah Alvarado: DIA sounds good

Rylie Holland: $750 I would just keep in your bank account and I would try to get another $750 so you could have $1,500 for emergencies, to avoid bank fees,

Savannah Alvarado: I’m selling ONEQ

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Addilyn Harvey: QQQ period end of story. If it gets clobbered buy a few hundred more. Then we get the blah blah Korea bullshit this and that. BUY THE DIP again. And just keep doing that with a few hundred dollars for your lifetime and you’ll be fine.

Addilyn Harvey: Will that make you rich no but youll outperform a bank account lol. AI is the future and overall the FANG stocks will outperform anything over the test of time as long as the fed dosnt manage the economy into chaos but at that point who cares. Beans and Bullets are a good idea hell even a lil bit of silver. Then you can keep rounding out your “portfolio” of whats gonna be more expensive in the future. Have guns have stocks have some metals buy extra food that lasts a long time save some cash just in case.

Mateo Holmes: Can someone please advise me to my 1st investment I need to at least get my feet wet before I just dive In.Thank you in advance.

Hallie Drake: How much you want to invest

Mateo Holmes: Hey Philip currently I have $20,000 saved however II don’t know where to safely in vest it I want to start off as small as possible Can you advise ?

Danna Peters: VOO..

Evelyn Lane: Arkq

Amanda Willis: If you really plan on holding it more than 10 years, split it between TCEL and LABU, and forget it.

Annalise Bennett:ETF and long term never go together

Savannah Alvarado: I was doingETF long term

Noah Harmon: That is totally incorrect …you are making that up.

Noah Harmon: Everyone who is picking QQQ or a high techETF is exposing their newness to investing.Please look at a 20 year chart …most of these high tech stocks don’t even have a 5 year history. And if you look at the QQQ it falls the most percentage wise during bear markets and we have had 2 bear markets during the past 20 years.That is why you want a balancedETF And again the DIA (Dow Jones) beats the SPY (S&P 500)This YTD, last year and most important time frames like 5 yrs, 10yrs, and 20 yrs

Savannah Alvarado: I’m getting DIA in the morning 3 shares

Savannah Alvarado: Lol

Noah Harmon: Excellent choice

Ashlynn Fisher: VTSAX

Savannah Alvarado: I’ve had ONEQ and it stink currently have $3500 in ITOT

Londyn Palmer: I think india exposure long term would be wise.

Noah Harmon: I could say SVXY which will probably beat anyETF anyone can post …but is only has a six year history, and has never been tested through a bear market …can anyone find a betterETF …during a bull market …not even 3Xlevereged ETFs beat it …but again it has never been tested in a bear market

Madeline Andrews: SCHG

Maria Gill: QQQT

Maria Gill: China Tech

Savannah Alvarado: ONEQ?

Damien Grant: KEEP IT @ BANK

Savannah Alvarado: ?

Kalani Rivera: Savannah Alvarado: what ETF’s have you researched?

Savannah Alvarado: I currently have ITOT ,

Savannah Alvarado: Top 3 holdings aapl,Msft,amzn, goog

Maximiliano Harper: $spy

Savannah Alvarado: I’m selling ONEQ in the morning

Savannah Alvarado: $Spy or $DIA????

Maximiliano Harper: $SPY .

Savannah Alvarado: Y, explain

Noah Harmon: And tell me when SPY has beaten DIA???

Maximiliano Harper: More diverse . SP 500 vs Dow 30

Savannah Alvarado: DIA up 54% SPY 19%

Noah Harmon: Diversity?S&P 500 has 500 stocks true5 stocks = 25% of the fund…See more

Savannah Alvarado: Frank smith which one are you talking about?

Noah Harmon: The S&P 5 stockAAPL, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG, and FB make up 25% of the SPY…See more

Journey Gordon: Noah Harmon: is a dumbass

Madeline Andrews: Journey Gordon: dumbass ? I disagree.

Journey Gordon: He deletes anyone who disagrees with him. Also he’s spouted enough bullshit about being certified but no crd#

Amanda Willis: SPY is more diversified than DIA, but their performance over time is nearly identical. SPY is the S&P 500. DIA is the Dow 30 industrials.

Savannah Alvarado: Well what’s your thoughts on ITOT???

Lila Shaw: Get a system that works so you know when to buy and when to sell

Savannah Alvarado: I just want a solid ETF

Savannah Alvarado: I’m down $45 in since May with my etf

Savannah Alvarado: So $SPY safe bet?

Madeline Andrews: Nothing is safe, however I like SPY

Noah Harmon: But it still doesn’t beat DIA in return, or in diversification

Savannah Alvarado: DIA over SPY?

Noah Harmon: Again …check for yourself regarding return and if 10 stocks make up 40% of the S&P 500Do a search on the web

Braxton Norman: Split it between DIA and BOTZ- Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF

Cali Burke: UVXY… to the ?!

Nolan Morales: DIA

Cali Burke: Uvxy. It can’t go any lower

Noah Harmon: Stop

Jace Webb: XLE

Viviana Ray: Because of something called “contango (UVXY, made from two front month VIX future contracts that trade at a premium to the VIX spot price)” and its daily rebalancing, UVXY will go nearly to zero over the long term. Buy XLV, the healthcare sector, as our population is growing older and healthcare will be a bigger and bigger issue. Too, I agree with Wendell. Put off any buy for a while, as the market is ready to turn over with any trigger (N. Korea, racial unrest, whatever). Today, I bought 10 Nov VIX Calls and funded the purchase by selling 10 Nov VIX Puts. In the 2007/2008 market turn down, the S&P drew down more than 50%; the VIX increased over 300%. Facebook.com

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Cali Burke: Fake news, UVXY to the ?

Viviana Ray: UVXY falls steadily as the VIX moves sideways. If you trade UVXY, and I do, the trades need to be short term.

Viviana Ray: Over a one day period it correlates with the VIX as it is designed to do.

Viviana Ray: Over longer period, like the two day period here, it does not.

Ruth Craig: URA

Brayden Strickland: If you are investing long-term, sit on the sidelines for a bit bc yhe market is top-heavy and primed for a pull back. No sense to go in now and watch your money disappear like a drunks money in a strip club. If you really got game, buy PUTS in the $VIX….at least one month out. You’ll thank me later.

Jayceon Austin: Your education because it will come back 100 fold

Raegan Gill: Ethereum

Zane Jensen: invest elctric cars

Cali Burke: Buy some gasoline. Sell it on the black market in a few years

Mackenzie Roy: $TSLA at 280-300 in a few weeks maybe

Zane Jensen: voltswagon will lead in electric vechiels on the market look at the various vechiels coming

Skyler Franklin: SPY

Sarai Sullivan: Spend 750 on a legit course where you can learn how to find these things out yourself instead of freebie one time answers ?

Elsie Gilbert: ROBO

Juan Knight: Share.robinhood.com

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Gabrielle Newman: NLY, FB, BRK-A

Heidi George: BITCOIN!hahahaha

Amanda Willis: In spite of what Noah Harmon: might tell you, the performance of SPY vs DIA is nearly identical.

Lena Park: VTI

Jasper Curtis: You’re probably gonna lose it because you don’t know how to trade or invest and find opportunities yourself. I would say watch video about day trading penny stocks and you could start later with the amount that you have.

Ember Mcgee: worst advice possible if he wants long term growth

Jasper Curtis: With long term you still need to know how trade and manage risk and it’s gonna take forever to get anything and he you need more money to do anything. With a small day trading penny stocks is the best to grow up quickly

Noah Harmon: Wrong

Noah Harmon: Get real

Ember Mcgee: twitter

Ember Mcgee: that’ll get you 45 shares

Elliot Franklin: ask Bob Iaccino guys: Trendytrade.pro

TrendyTrade Pro

Tristan Carpenter: VTI

Victor Bryant: SPY and then add every month.

Braxton Norman: Dollar cost avg

Leilani Harris: Buy Litecoin, Ethereum and bitcoin.