Question: Oil and gas uptick? What is a good one to get into now?

Arthur Blake: XLE?

Jack Semura: Like Arthur suggested, XLE is worth looking at. Just speaking for myself, I bought XLE and sold covered calls.

Brian Locke: XLE or SLB

Jack Semura: Just for comparison, here’s one year of XLE and SLB (blue). They both look fairly comparable, although SLB looks slightly more volatile.

Steven Lee: Thanks

Jack Semura: Sorry .. I omitted the dates on the chart above. Here’s the more complete chart with the dates included.

Allen Kaplun: Why get into something when its up?

Steven Lee: Just researching

Allen Kaplun: Steven Lee research the worst performing sectors. The stocks that on their face appear miserable and hopeless. Those are your winners. A few years back Oil slid to $40 and it looked like the end of the world. It looked like there was no floor and that …See more

Steven Lee: Allen Kaplun coulda shoulda

Allen Kaplun: Steven Lee this particular coulda shoulda happens about every 10 yrs btw.

Arthur Blake: XLE is an ETF – the two biggest stocks in it are Exxon and Chevron.

Arthur Blake:

Steven Lee: Thanks

Billy Tb: Rds.B all the way.

Steven Heller: Cvx

Ara Gregorian: With the upcoming possible sanctions on Iran’s oil exports, it is estimated that the cost of the barrel will reach $100 and that US consumers will pay an extra $38 billion at the gas pump next year. It will soon become evident that exposure to the sector is a must for all investors. CVX, XOM, USO, XLE and IEO would be good options.