Question: I am looking for a new long hold stock. Recommendations?

I am looking for a new long hold stock, currently in stocks in retail, veterinary, banking, so maybe balance it with another sector? What do people here like?

Hoda Mehr: Here are my long-term holds. Own all of them and holding for long (5-10 years):

Emily Patterson-Kane: Thanks!

Brenda Brown-Johnson: what App do you use to organize this all in one place like this?

Hoda Mehr: Brenda Brown-Johnson The page on the picture is “All stock cards tab, and I used the filters. You can build your own portfolio and it would look like the same. Click on “My Portfolio” and create your own watchlist or portfolio. It’s free.

Stock Card

Brenda Brown-Johnson: THANK YOU

Brenda Brown-Johnson: When you are trying out a new stock for the 1st time do you generally try to buy 5 or less shares just to see how it does or you dont put a limit on it at all Hoda Mehr.

Hoda Mehr: Brenda Brown-Johnson I always invest the same amount of money. I sat down one day and identified how much money will I be Okay losing without losing sleep. And, everytime I’m investing in a company, I only invest that amount. Later, If I like the company, I may add to it, again the same amount. Sorta, that’s my personal ticket/token. It’s more a personal system I feel comfortable with.

Hoda Mehr: But, as a rule of thumb, if you are on the fence, invest small so that if it goes up you don’t regret it. And, if it goes down, you can still sleep. 🙂

Brenda Brown-Johnson: good advice, I have an extra $300 to play with so trying to figure out what I can get with that 🙂 My friend is telling me to give Ripple (bitcoin) but I’m still out on a limb about that. I wanted to go with something in the technology field myself. any recommendations?

Hoda Mehr: Brenda Brown-Johnson That’s a super cool question. I would say, it depends on what you are planning to do with the money. There are a few options that I’d like to suggest:- If you are using the money to learn and get started in the stock market for t…See more

Hoda Mehr: Investing in Ripple or Bitcoin is really hot these days. It’s just like gampling. It’s hard to say whether the market goes up or down. Although, it has been up for the past few months, but there is limtied data to evalaute and assess these new assets. …See more

Hoda Mehr: If you like to learn about Cryptocurrency investing and like podcasts, try listening to this series:

Hash Power – A Documentary on Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies

Hoda Mehr: Also, here is something I have been working on to answer questions like the one you asked. I thought you might like reading some of it:

How to invest in stocks!

Brenda Brown-Johnson: Thank you so much for all your insightful information Hoda. I’m a beginner yes in terms of my portfolio size but I actually opened up my Fidelity Investment account 5 years ago or whenever Facebook went public ( I believe it was 5 yrs ago) & that was w…See more

Hoda Mehr: Brenda Brown-Johnson excellent! Glad to have you in the group. Please share the companies you are considering as you add more to your watchlist and we can help with the research in the group! Great chatting with you!Also, I like Acorns too! Pretty cool!

Brenda Brown-Johnson: ok will do for sure. do you have the Acorn acct too?also for the past half hour I’ve been trying to find the trade Symbol for Ripple to add it to my watchlist but each time I try what is showing up online “XRP” its is not recognizable. Do you know the…See more

Hoda MehrHoda and 2 others manage the membership, moderators, settings and posts for Intelligent Stock Market Investors.: Brenda Brown-Johnson Well XRP is a cryptocurrency. You won’t be able to buy it through your fidelity or acorns. Becuase, by law they are not yet recognized as stocks or part ownership of a company. And, not traded on the common stock exchanges. Hence, …See more

Brenda Brown-Johnson: that’s exactly what I just found out after googling some more…thank you also.. yes I’m going to bed now. 2moro I will pick your brain for a good Dahl recipe if you know one 🙂

Brenda Brown-Johnson: WELL TECHNICALLY it’s already “tomorrow” so I meant to say LATER today I will pick your brain 🙂

James MacThorton: If you want a telecom, it may now be the time to purchase ATT — strong EPS and yield:

AT&T Inc.

Bob Higgins: You bought AMAT!!

Hoda Mehr: Yeh!

Hoda Mehr: Thanks to you!

Bob Higgins: I hope you wont be disappointed!

Emily Patterson-Kane: I decided to try AMAT too

Bob Higgins: I own alot of the same stocks that you own Hoda.

Hoda Mehr: Bob Higgins I won’t be disappointed. I made the decision based on data. The company is in a growing market. It operates strongly and has proved it in the past by creating the value for shareholders. Even if I lose money, tI won’t regret it (maybe just a little) because I used the right process to decide. 🙂

Bob Higgins: Some of the others I will be considering. Goldman said techs will continue to perform.

Hoda Mehr: Bob Higgins nice! Will look into it!

Chris Calabrese: For long term hold look at some quality REITS

Aischa Santnas: Hoda , are your stock cards somewhere on file? the picture you posted is hard to read, thanks

Hoda Mehr: Yes, if you log-in to, click on All Stock Cards tab, and use the filters (Stock Card Decision = Buy)Let me know if you need help to figure it out. I can show you step by step.

Aischa Santnas: Emily , do have any tech stocks?

Emily Patterson-Kane: Nothing, I lack any real understanding of it

Bob Higgins: You can buy xlk which is an etf or exchange traded fund. It comprises tech stocks.

Helen Sriubiskis: Also take a look at QQQ. Some think it’s an all tech ETF, but it’s diversified into other sectors as well.

PowerShares QQQ ETF

Emily Patterson-Kane: Bob Higgins thanks for the suggestion

Linda Brown: Amazon is doing real well…but expensive! Try: Apple stock!

Emily Patterson-Kane: Thanks all for your advice, I like this group for having solid opinions not chasing fads

Hoda Mehr: Glad you like the group! We are happy you are here too! ?

Ron Tharp: What are vet stock are you in?

Emily Patterson-Kane: Zoetis and Merck

Hoda Mehr: Emily Patterson-Kane I have Zoetis on my watchlist. Gonna do some research on it. Seems pretty interesting!