Question: When your portfolio is red, do you hedge using other assets?

Hoda Mehr: Depends on your time horizon. My time-frame is in years. So, when my portfolio is in red, I just don’t touch it and wait for it to go back up.

Ralf Lai: There is a different between big red or a little red though

Hoda Mehr: Ralf Lai it doesn’t matter! Investing in great companies means you can let a big or small drop to pass! Why does it matter?

Helen Sriubiskis: Hedge with what other assets? Please elaborate.

Ralf Lai: For exampleShort the ETF of indices like DIA, SPY & QQQShort emini…See more

Brent Meadors: These are some ETF’s I use.Shorting SDS DXD QID LeverageUPROUDOWTQQQI’ve consolidated my stocks down during this process in order to have cash on hand to short/leverage during the day to keep afloat but today was a blood bath down 2.74%.

Ralf Lai: Awesome strategy

Jim Fritz:

Peter Alex Kroupa: If I were seriously concerned about a total market recession then I would buy puts to lock in my gains until the stock goes back up. Selling covered calls is great when you want to make some extra cash during a decline as well.

Ralf Lai: Awesome

José Amílcar Casimiro : cut your losses small. if the market is telling that you’re wrong, change you’re position to the market

José Amílcar Casimiro : *your