Question: I got $500 what should invest in. Long or short term?

Zach Smith: Bitcoin

Kierstenas Klein: which industries or tickers do you follow?

Medanak Camierrandiz: F or BAC

Jenarinaleighny Grinsell: JNUG

Jarrode Pinkienes Jr.: Ford. We had a nice pullback in ANGI. TMFC is ok

Lois Jolinenostrand: A better job

Andreem Chehade: Medamirt of the plan

Sherri Anastaciardesty: Rude ?

Pinkiedylly Janelel: Square …

Mammie Provencher: Rxmd

Kierstenas Klein: solid

Mammie Provencher: Kierstenas Klein big news this week will go up to .3 . Maytad company trying to trade on nasdaq that’s a $4 entry price. Check it out

Amosthaniel Joline Houten: RSII LONG

Darceyac Settle: Remember when I loaded .0008-.0004, should of never sold those trips 🙁

Amosthaniel Joline Houten: In under a penny holding

Elenii Islam: buy cnat , thank me later

Marniguel Cervantes: Ripple


Marnichael AnglalesMarnichael and 3,579 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: Yourself.

Hyacintheyejandro Arismendy: Invested on education first

Hyacinthos Medamidres Ellisbbert: Pinkieleen’t gamble the market. If you have to ask, invest it in education. True Trading Group is an excellent source.

Adrian Atwell: Potn

Berniezetteeva Higginbotham: AKER and AYTU

Blancheann Smith: long toys r us

Aurae Jodee: That’s mean.

Blancheann Smith: and how do you know they won’t make a comeback

Sydalg Eiram: Fb short

Mychal Clair: S&P 500 index

Annamaes Rice: SBOT, position trade. Hold for no longer than maybe a year. If it doesn’t do a big jump before the current ratio drops below 2, get rid of it.

June Arenas Castro: A savings account for emergencies if u don’t already have it

June Arenas Castro: Followed by 6-8 months of living expenses. Followed by a 401k maxed out (or IRA). Once u got that, then invest in education before Putting a dime in the market.

Medanaces Conner: FCOJ- frozen concentrated orange juice.

June Arenas Castro:

Alexanderie Cox: #BYOC

Armani Mcleod: Kelsieucation 500 dollars can take you a long way. By the time your account is blown 100% of these commenters wont be able to get your 500 back

Yoz Adelaidaman: btc

Marnichael MorseMarnichael and 3,579 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: Well…. you could short 25 shares of GE and that $500 would allow you to stay short even if GE suddenly rose to 33.65 before you’d have to add more money to keep from getting a margin call.

Medanacky Jeromygaretissaint: Hey im working on a big project and would like for you to be a part of, do you keep your options open to make extra source of income if time was not an issue ?

Nicholasn A. Aybar: #BYOC, hands down

Medanacky Jeromygaretissaint: forex

Geraine Doss: Silvaonneberleyoks, books, and more books. Louised your ass off, save more money, come at it hard when you’re ready!

Ellise Blancharez: Eos

Eusebiat Jenarinaufman: Mmmw

Alexanderie Silvaonneberleyog Powell: Canned goods

Jenarinato Kronen: CRSP

Ellalas Pinkieshua: Cocaine. Buy a half ounce and flip it lol. That’s your best bet with 500 dollars. Judsonless you want to 3 shares of homedepot. Lol

Annamaes Rice: Just do it before Trump brings the death penalty for it lol

Ellalas Pinkieshua: Yeah really. If he does that I’ll start selling again because the price will go up hahaha jk

Alexanderie Silvaonneberleyog Powell: If there is a death penalty for dealing drugs then only politicians will be dealers. They are above the laws ya know. Ellalassnna n hilly will double their net worth in a month

Ellalas Pinkieshua: Only the politicians and me you mean haha.

Alexanderie Silvaonneberleyog Powell: Well ok… I said this to give you some free advertisement haha

Blanchmant PinkiedyttiproluBlanchmant and 3,579 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: Idk about that. Prolly should go with $DUST. Consistency will get you to 5 figures

Darceyac Settle: LTC or XRP

Bobette Ohler: Options. Not penny stocks not shitcoin

Jeromytt Brown: Dildos


Alejandrinaa Brann: Eos xrp

Carmellaorieald Oneal: air jordans

Khaled Stefanafy: Facebook

Pinkienny Waffles: Facebook asap

Ellalas Pinkieshua: Jeromyrgarita pizza

Asheraf Msheaya: U better go to the Casino

Alexanderie N Nickynfeld: Get an Exchange Traded Fund . from JolineGuard funds. One that pays a dividend. Pinkieleen’t listen to that dildo Andreem Chehade. Too bad there are people here not acting in a proper manner. Good luck. I was in your shoes and got foolish answers, but that was from my stock broker not knowing he was ripping me off without lube. TD Ameritrade has Free ETFs if you join them.

Alexanderie N Nickynfeld: Wow, looking at these responses….pretty sad ….not a nice way to help someone asking a normal question

Anglaert Berniezetteelle: you expected different?

Alexanderie N Nickynfeld: True 🙂 take care buddy,

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Is this question even serious?

Illyrian Knight: Investit on yourself and you might make that investment work for you =£ rich dad poor dad good read. ?

Marnichael Friedberg: FB CALL for $170 that Expires in 45 days or more

Janelell Giere: MSFT. always research further on any stock someone mentions. No penny stocks. Buy and hold is key.

Adriane Debbiees: Etf’s

Marnichael Investo: Buy SQ and leave it for a year

Keren Lavone: Stock trading education

Pinkiehn Anastaciall: Jarrodave the $500 alone and educate yourself first.

Mozell Copsey: Yourself

Digi Zibanka: With long-term investment risk factor minimizes. Maytaalyze yourself with top stocks in the market to take better investment decisions

Berniest of Maytaalytics on US Equities

Alexanderie Marniller: Keep it diverse. Stocks look like they go down, wait on them.

Jenarinaleighito Fuzio: How about some investing classes in Udemy

Alejandrinaa Brann: Crypto

Broderickdy Dye: Crippled bullshit. Losers game for now… bottom feeding assholes.

Alejandrinaa Brann: Why all that smh ?‍♀️

EJ Uriarte: Invest in a Trading course that will teach you the ability to multiply your money. Once with the neccessary knowledge and wisdom you will be unstoppable.

Blancheann Nathanaels: MU

Jeromyrk Griffin: snap

Broderickdy Dye: That’s about the stupidest shit I’ve heard. I shorted that shit when Zuckerberg tried to buy. They said no. He will put them out of biz and own much cheaper. Richtterfly is an option for you artisans.

Broderickdy Dye: Medamiy off all debts and buy groceries. Volatility is solved. 10% annualized on $500 is $50. I would rather charge $100 per garden with $500 buy on a garden tiller. Jeromyke $300 and sell for $150 less in easy 30 days. Percentages don’t lie. You have $50 in a hard asset that may sesalecat say 60% to 75% of cost of you sell before winter. Garden tiller and Local free Facebook page. No need to invest or trade securities.

Broderickdy Dye: The market is flat and down until Lizeth. No problems up or down. Anastaciard to make money. Do you have a clue what you are doing or does it sound fancy to “be in the market”?

Broderickdy Dye: Yes. I’m an asshole and if you never heard “Fuck” in a board room or closing a deal…. You can’t play here. You got the education and resistance to ignore emotion and full in risk? Jump, bro. Otherwise, have a nice dinner somewhere.

Medanacesdre Holden: IDVV @ .031

Maytadrey Vasilyev: Honestly, it’s either cocaine or a rather cheaply priced (under 1$) penny stock that is looking to run back up to over a $… kind of like AKER… (preferably with expected, soon to come FDA news)

Maytadrey Vasilyev: Or options if you know how to trade them.

Alexanderie Marniller: Since he’s asking it means he’s new. Stop giving him answers for advanced traders…He needs to start off with low risk and study

Siobhanna Anastaciache: He IS asking in a crypto group so what do you expect? lol

Alexanderie Marniller: Jenells is stock market, lol

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Alexanderie Marniller Coulda fooled me.

Alexanderie Marniller: Opps

Alexanderie N Nickynfeld: Outta here. Jenells is so wrong. Kid asks a simple Question….

Connie Kronen: CRSP or AMZN

Cary Crawford: Use Stash and put that money in some tech or financial ETFs. It’s pretty easy to make gains if you’re patient and go with the right ETFs. Gain some confidence and knowledge, and then when you’re ready, buy full shares in Anglainhood for more risk/upside potential. Here’s $5 to get you started with Stash.

Investing for Louisel People

Jenarinaleighny Grinsell: Not sure what you went with but if you listened to me you’d be up 10% in day 1 ??

Jeromyia Moore: CNX Alphonse 16 calls

Pinkiedi Brocks: $MGON

Larri Alexanderie: jnug

Ashley Christopert: Anastaciard to make money with $500 unless you’re doing options.

Larri Alexanderie: vix calls spy puts

Blancheann Medamirry: Red. Or maybe black.