Is AKER a good stock?

Tristan Pearson: Buy while it’s low. It’s going to go up at some point this year when approved by the FDA. Too many products up for FDA approval this year means lots of chances for approval

London Turner: Ive got mine on a limit sell @ .50 and at $2. . .hoping to hit at least the .50 to get my $$ back

Marcus Hunter: I have my limit sell at .48 hopefully it will hit that today

Naomi French: Aker!

Lauren Cunningham: Hold.

Aubrey Harris: Just bought $500 worth now holding 1775 shares

Savannah Kim: I just sold what I had this morning at .447 and bought at .32

Isaiah Cain: Anyone get it at 25?

Karen Rogers: 195 @ .25; holding.

Isaiah Cain: Karen Rogers: niiice!!

Karen Rogers: Wish I had bought more but I’m on a learning curve!

Isaiah Cain: I know mee too I only bought a few! ?

Alex McCord:

Cassidy Knight: 300 @ .27 going to hold

Aubrey Harris: Mine doesn t show its been down to .32

Savannah Kim: I purchased at .32 around 2.5 weeks ago

Aubrey Harris: How long b4 we can buy cryptocurrency on here going to put some in dogecoin it’s so cheap

Savannah Kim: I bought it a while ago

Aubrey Harris: Oh ok good deal was wondering if my ticker was jacked up

Aubrey Harris: Good luck everybody going back to sleep

Josue Davidson: Was holding it since the 2nd. Gave up on it and cut my losses today. Far too much speculation surrounding this stock to be having my money tied to a maybe this long.

Timothy Alexander: I cut my loss as well today. Enough is enough.

Lainey Huff: For a month now

Josue Davidson: You caught it before it exploded upwards. Most people weren’t that lucky and it’s stagnated since. Too bad you didn’t put more into it!

Lainey Huff: Josue Davidson: hindsight is always 20/20

Ivan Patton: Holding wish I would of bought a bunch more at .27

Beau Miles: I got in late but I will be holding for $1.

Josue Davidson: Not going to happen any time soon. They have a history of decreasing in value after every ER regardless of positive or negative results, have only until March to break $1 or lose their listing, and no set date on FDA. I help out hope too but there is far too much optimism surrounding this stock instead of facts.

Beau Miles: Josue Davidson: do you think we will break the .50 mark?

Josue Davidson: Beau Miles: hard to say, anything could happen but the last time we were sitting significantly about .50 was in October, which was quite a while ago. With no set news on the way aside from the ER I am not hopeful. I see a ton of chatter about the potential of this stock, but I’m not seeing it. I could definitely be wrong, but for sake of my own piece of mind I jumped ship with a slight loss.

Luis Sandoval: If you can afford it why not just hold. Put money in and forget about it. That’s what the most successful stock traders do.

Josue Davidson: Most successful stock traders don’t bag hold penny stocks, because 90% never break $1. AKER already failed to meet the requirements to stay listed, but got an extension to the end of March, which is usually what happens before inevitable failure. Again…See more

Kelsey Nichols: I bag it all the time and make a profit. I don’t hold it longer than 24 hours but I make a profit every single time

Sophia Weber: What doea it mean if the volume of shares is higher than the market cap

Kelsey Nichols: Nothing. Depends on if those shares are bought or sold

Lauryn Glover: I got in at .22

Devin Diaz: It’s dying quick

Callie Reid: For about a month now

Kelsey Nichols: I day trade AKER as much as Charlie sheen buys prostitutes and get blow. (For those that don’t get it, that’s a lot)

Aubrey Harris: Just sold all mine took my 20 dollar loss

Dean Williamson: ?? $1.xx

Blaze Dimitrov:

Gabriella Ryan: Get good kids.

Callie Reid: How long ago was that

Lincoln Owens: I’m in at .19!!

Everleigh Hawkins: I think it would stay tits avg from .40 to .44 but couple days I believe it will jump .45 -.55

Devin Diaz: What makes you think that?

Everleigh Hawkins: Looking at past and trend lines

Devin Diaz: i heads the company will be delisted soon , that fda approval never happens, I hope I am wrong…AKER made me some good money

Connor Sparks: Devin Diaz: they have till May 29th to close 10 consecutive days over $1, even if they fail to meet that they could qualify for 180 day extension. The stocks not dead yet it’s just one to not forget about for 4 months

Devin Diaz: well hopefully it survives, will see

Connor Sparks: They have promise and wall Street and had went bullish on them before the Dow crash so I’m hopeful but getting Leary as time passes

Devin Diaz: its not looking too great today either