Question: Looking to invest in medical marijuana companies… good or bad idea ?

Richard Olguin: Imo, bad. Seems way too early to know who will truly succeed in the long run. Many will rise and fall, can’t imagine knowing a solid long term investment option just yet.

Brian CE NY: Thank you

Jonathan Sanchez: Brian CE NY hydropothecary is a good one

Matthew McLaughlin: Very risky but the ETF ā€œMJā€ is probably the least risky way to play that industry.

Brian Locke: I dip in and out of KSHB…its a company that makes storage bottles, vaporizers, etc. Well run and promising company and its the only one I recommend. It’s a better long term prospect than most growers but still so it’s my “trading” stock. All stocks in this sector are grossly overvalued and frankly seem to be inflated by stoners who probably brain storm to by them while partaking

Greggory Miller: I agree with Brian, purchasing companies that are making the products for the industry as opposed to actual producers is a safer play. I personally don’t invest in the industry because to me the price should go down as it continues to be legalized making the companies’ valuations too high (based on too high revenue prices…).

Stockboy Penn: Only ones I’ve really looked at were Kush bottles and cron. There are days you can see some decent movement, think cron was u 88 cents yesterday. But it’s fallen from 10, still a young stock.

Allen Kaplun: Is there a company out there that can provide full-service solutions to marijuana companies? For example, John Deere provides the tractors, service, maintenance, software, support, etc. You can’t get much done without John Deere once you’re their client. Does anything like that exist in Cannabis?

Tony Nelson: I am in MJ and IVITF for smallish positions for peer speculation. MJ is down from what I started, but you never know. I did IVITF because Gene Simmons is promoting it (being paid to do so) and I love KISS so it made sense to throw a few hundred bucks at it. Gotta gamble somewhere…

Rob Turner Jr.: change that to “Looking to gamble in medical marijuana companies…” and you have a more realistic view… At least at this early stage of the game… Most of their charts look similar to bitcoin alts…

Patterson Joshua: What seems to be the worst investment in this field?

James Carl Hendrickson: Most of the more mature organization are in canada.

Amarnath Mandal: Just CRON for 15%profit

Jason Rhodes: Very bad idea- especially if you have to ask. You have to know the group and headline risky is a big factor for US companies

Justin D. Jones: Good… check out $CRON

Ronda Shaffner: Ashton Johnson

Billy Tb: In on CRON and MJ. Legal marijuana s coming to Canada in July. California just made it happen and NJ may be next. Better to get in early before it becomes nationwide. The end of prohibition is coming.

Adam Haskiell: Cron

Joe Marroquin: Advt

Kimberly Hunter: Louisiana is also trying to legalize it for medicinal purposes.

Amarnath Mandal: Sold all my Marijuana Stocks. Made 12% in a week

Kimberly Hunter: I’m holding on to mine for a few years. I bought mine when they were dirt cheap so everything is good right now.

John Mueller: Good.