Question: What are the best recommendations or advice you can give me at 22 yrs old?

Hello, I’m new to the subject of investing. What are the best recommendations or advice you can give me at 22 yrs old? Sorry if it’s a naive or too vague of a question. But what, if any, advice or information do you wish you would have discovered in your early 20’s? Thanks in advance. ?

Christi Mathers Williamson: Following. I’m 24 and my husband is 25. So I’m fairly new to investing as well. I’m in the process of paying off all debt except my car. My current investments including a pension, 401K, 457 plan, and use Motif for some small amount investing. Good luck!

Machiavelli Pérez: Thanks for sharing your story. Nice to hear how other people are going about their way in the investing world. I’m thinking of purchasing mutual funds but I think first I’ll invest my time in reading before I make a move that I may possibly end up regretting.

Eric Finck: Don’t do mutual funds too many fees. Read and educate yourself about Dividend Growth investing in the long run you will be better off

Eric Finck: is a great no fee place to start


Bernie Klunder: I wouldn’t recommend mutual funds either unless its a quality diversified balanced fund with a good track record like VWELX. It has a very long history and has averaged near 8% returns lifetime.

Machiavelli Pérez: Eric Finck thanks for the Golden info.

Machiavelli Pérez: Bernie Klunder thanks for the comment. Right now I have a good amount of money I can afford to invest. I don’t want my money sitting idly in my checking account so what investment would you recommend I put my money in for the moment while I keep learning about investing? I apologize if it comes off as a real rookie question aha.

Eric Finck: Open a Roth Ira max amount is $5500 then pick 3 or 4 dividend kings

Bernie Klunder: Ernie, the equity markets are a bit lofty right now and a correction may be around the corner. If starting out I’d say layer in slowly rather than all at once, but try to stay diversified. Three good ones for you to start with, IMO, would be mutual f…See more

Machiavelli Pérez: What Roth IRA sponsor would yall recommend?

Eric Finck: I use td Ameritrade

Long Dang: Hello Ernie, welcome to the group and good luck on learning. Can you elaborate more on what you are looking for in your question? That is a bit broad for the people here. 🙂

Machiavelli Pérez: Yeah, It’s a pretty vague question I apologize about that. At the moment I’m just trying to learn the most I can about investing so I make an informed decision when I decide to invest. What advice if any or recommendations of books or anything would you suggest to someone new to investing?

Matt Walton: 1. Build 6 month emergency fund.2. Put enough in your 401k to get company match. Index funds, not actively managed.3. Max out Roth IRA contributions. Research and invest in dividend growth.4. Max 401k contributions. Index funds, not actively managed.

Machiavelli Pérez: Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

Mae Ledet: Pay yourself FIRST!!!Before any other wants and that payment is for your retirement!!

Machiavelli Pérez: Thanks for the info ?

Stefan Sharpe: As a 23 year old who started 2 years ago, build an emergency fund, pay off any debt over 5%, contribute to 401k if they match and have a good selection of funds, max our your Roth ira, do not listen to everything you here. Don’t chase yield, accept you will lose money but in the long run you will likely make money if you put the time in. When I first started I lost money for a couple months but I learnt a lot and am profitable since.

Stefan Sharpe: Here is an article about all my early mistakes…/

Lessons From My First Investing Mistake – The Millennial Budget

Machiavelli Pérez: Thank you very much for the information. Wish you much success in your endeavors

Salvatore J. Rothstein: Thanks

Brian Fey: My #1 piece or advice is Start! Don’t talk or think about it for 5 years. Start now, today! I’d probably just buy the SPY. We’re at a record level, we may go higher, and you might make money, or we might drop, and you might lose money, who knows? Nobody knows. But you keep investing, month after month, year after year, and drops are good, the lower if goes, the more you should buy. And while you might be down in 5 years, you won’t in time. Just keep buying, and in 20-30 years, you’ll be blown away. Also, 20-30 years might seem like a lifetime away, but it’ll be here faster than you think. Also, keep asking questions, lots of smart people in here, great place to get free advice.

Tyler Kline: patience

Sam Smith: Google/bing the ‘power of compounding interest (CI)’ & ‘the rule of 72’….You should have $1M in 20-25 years starting now…$5M in 30-35 years…Your success is the number of years you have for compounding.. when we open our eyes at age 40 to CI, we have lost 15-20 years!

Michael David Lewis: Baby steps, don’t get greedy

Michael Cavaliere Jr: Through you employer if offered, get in your 401,,, on your own start as Roth IRA!!!! Try to max out both,,, youll be a millionaire when you retire.

Machiavelli Pérez: What’s a good Roth IRA provider in your opinion?

Michael Cavaliere Jr: Well, you pick your profile, or fund. I personally use the American funds target date fund 2030. But I have friends that picked their own stocks and put them in. You can set up a Roth IRA in many places,,, Scottrade, or any online broker, your bank wil…See more

Machiavelli Pérez: Thank you. Just another quick question if you don’t mind. What’s your opinion of the roboadvisor Roth IRA’s?

Michael Cavaliere Jr: I don’t know anything about them, I can’t see any reviews in the app store either,,,, be careful. Go on the web, do some other research about the apps. Sometimes you’ll find review in places and magazines like Forbes or money mag.

Michael Cavaliere Jr: Good luck!!!

Machiavelli Pérez: Thank you again! Good luck to you as well

Greg Williamson: 1.) Start small with stocks you know (JNJ, KO, PG, etc) 2.) Reinvest all dividends 3.) Invest in regular increments such as $300 month, or $200 every two weeks, depending on when you get paid. 4.) learn as you go and eventually get into some companies with high growth potential.

Cynthia Zhang: Every time you pay the fees? Sorry if this is stupid question cuz I am new?.Thanks

Greg Williamson: Also look into stocks on this list, which is the 27 most popular stocks on this site, which is nearly 5000 members strong.

Greg Williamson created a doc in the group: Dividend Growth Investing.
13 February 2017
top 27 DGI stocks
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Machiavelli Pérez: Thank you Greg Williamson

Greg Williamson: I am working on a list of the best of the best small cap dividend growth stocks that I plan involving the group on. I have not had a chance to work on it lately though since I work full time and also have family events in addition to hobbies such as golf!

Div Son: Wished that I studied how to invest individual companies when I was in the 20s.

Greg Williamson: Investing was not on my radar in the 20’s. I was not familiar with it and did not know how to do it. I did not start until age 35 and am on year 16. Better late than never!

Salvatore J. Rothstein: How’d u turn things around? I’m 35 now!!

Michael David Lewis: I will always remember my dad telling me that he could make a young man rich if he would only listen to the advice of a older man like him. I didn’t get that thru my head till I was about 45.

Ken Faulkenberry: READ good solid value books. Start with “The Most Important Thing” by Howard Marks. It’s an easy read and will teach you how to THINK about investing. This will save you (or make you) 10’s of thousands of dollars during your lifetime!…/

The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks: Book Review and Summary -…

Clinton Rotteveel: As you are new look at your strengths and weaknesses. For a new investor who does have a solid grasp on stock analysis in all its form, i would recommend to invest in Liquid Etfs. Diversify over a couple of non correlated underlying. Make sure the Etfs are option-able. examples would be SPY, DIA, GLD, EEM etc. When the Etf is down in value sell some puts, and when the etf is at highs sell covered calls. This is simple but 2 things will happen. Firstly you will not go broke. That is most important. Secondly you will understand the power of Selling options and receiving extra income from the holdings. You are young so use the power of compounding. Treat it like a business and the funds are their to invest and grow your business and not use for bills etc. Same as a business look at your monthly profit/loss and always work on improving. Once you have the basics and can profit from them, start looking into individual stocks. My point, is if you cannot profit from Etfs trading/investing, then the odds are further against you that you can profit from individual stocks.

Ali-Reza Chattoo: Do not trade frequently. Investing is a long term game. Top-up your portfolio on the low points (don’t sell).

Ali-Reza Chattoo: For good education tips check out my financial blog @


Mathieu Litalien: Plain and simple. Educate yourself and do a ton of research. Oh, and never buy or sell because you read something on the internet. Always do your own ‘due dilligence’.