Question: What stock in your portfolio has the highest risk of a dividend cut?

I think mine currently might be Helmerich and Payne (HP).

Dominick Pantano: If I hear talk of a dividend cut I sell immediately and ask questions later. Talk of dividend cut causes quick selling activity.

Joel Shankster: I would have to go with OHI….at least it is the one I wonder about the most.

Brandon Billings: The next 2 quarters will decide it for sure, I have a position with them that I’m nervous about as well

Nandy Colon: Sold my 669 shares from OHI yesterday only left with 61. Glad the market got it up to a point I made some profit and the dividend at the same time.

Joel Shankster: no kidding! Yeah I sold off my 3/4 of my position as well.

Joel Shankster: Great topic! It would be interesting to see if someone could do a poll to have people vote! What do you think?

Scott Williams: Sure, like which stock we think will cut first?

Joel Shankster: Oh sure

Joseph Wathen: It will be LB if I pull the trigger today

Dominick Pantano: Be careful LB warned on profit shortfall!

Joseph Wathen: Dominick Pantano yeah I saw I didn’t get any yet.

Ricky Silver: Ford. But I hardly own that much of it.

Ricky Silver: I’m not talking out of my ass. Just because they are sitting on cash doesn’t mean the dividend is safe.1) they don’t raise their dividend, they pay out a special div. So they aren’t committing to dividend raises long term.2) They will need to spend money developing their electric vehicles over the next couple years.3) their financing department is a major liability.4) obviously autos are cyclical and this goes without saying.5). Betting on SUVs and Trucks is a risky proposition when oil prices aren’t guaranteed to stay low forever. The SUV craze of the 2000s died a similar death.

Dennis Fuller: Plus they just laid off there F series truck line manufactureing.. That is the biggest money maker and it will be felt due to the fire at a supplier.

Marian MJ Jordan:


Matthew McLaughlin: NRZ around 11% right now….also has capital gains growth of 125% over the past 5 years.

Brad Betenia: Their dividend is very well covered.

Esu Jonas: GME

Kylie Joy VandenLangenberg: GE

Mark Phillips: None lol

Mark Musgrove: PEGI

Brian Soule: Oooohhh, good question. I don’t think I foresee any cuts. I have had two dividend “freezes” this year (CVS and OHI), meaning they stopped hiking the dividend, but no cuts yet. I guess I’d have to say OHI if I had to pick one, but I don’t expect it.

Nandy Colon: Ohi increase their dividend in January so they already increase it for this year.

Brian Soule: Nandy Colon Right, but they were increasing it every quarter and they put a stop to that. I am sure a lot of people were expecting that to continue ad infinitum.

Nandy Colon: Brian Soule no company can go on like that at some point deceleration or stop must happen. I get what you are saying anyway.