Question: Opening a Roth IRA and want to know opinions on best brokerage and if there are any promotions with specific brokers?

Jeremy Lvancevic: I did mine through E*TRADE. $100 bonus and 60 days of free trades if you deposit $10,000. $25k is $200. Not the greatest but it was a free $200 for me.

Aswinikumar Annadatha Venkata: Aren’t you taxed on those $200 too? Thought all incomes were taxed.

Kris Vue: Yes any money received by refferal is taxed.

JM Paris: Fidelity

Parker Duffy: Well thats TDA now right?

Adam Fannin: I’m pretty happy with Schwab.

Kris Vue: Schwab

Ken LeClair: If you’re eligible, USAA is great.

Justin Garcia: Vanguard

Jeremy Lvancevic: Is anyone going to name out promotions? Lol…give a reason not just a name

Justin Garcia: Vanguards name should be enough =P

Jeremy Lvancevic: Justin Garcia Again, read the original post lol.

Kris Vue: Schwab offers $100 sign on bonuses, size of account is not necessary to receive, just opening and funding it. They offer 24/7 customer service on their different branches, if you get to a certain amount in your combined assests they can assign you to a personal financial advisor with minimal asset management fees.If you have enough to qualify for their free trades, then you’ll get 100 upon opening a brokerage. Your ROTH IRA‘s are self guided and they do not charge any fees for maintenance provided you have at least 1k. It’s been absolutely fantastic and they’re quick to assist with any changes, opening accounts, closing or shifting funds. I can do pre-market and after market, global trades and the cost is $4.95/per trade.

Sue Weed: I like Fidelity Investments. They have great research and learning tools. Have an easy to understand statement. Offer lots of commission free funds (MUFs and ETFs) and only charge $4.95 a trade. I have been with them 40+ years.

Rami Omar: .

Rich Krohley: It all depends on the size of your account and the number of trades that you do.

Denise Budhan: I have both Vanguard and Fidelity

Sue Weed: I too had both at one time but ended up moving all holdings, including Vanguard MUFs, into Fidelity about 30 years ago because statement from Fidelity was better but I don’t know about now.

Denise Budhan: Agree! I too prefer Fidelity

Andrew Jorge: Following and reading ?