Question: What are some you all’s goals when it comes to dividends?

Hello. How is everyone doing. I don’t post much but I do love Dividends. I have a question. My question is, if you would like to share, what are some you all’s goals when it comes to dividends? I’ll start off with my goal. My goal is to earn an extra $1,000 a month in Dividends.

Nathan Vowell: My goal is to reach $1000 in a calendar year.

James Ikeem: Pay a bill, maybe fill up my gas tank. ???Then the world…

Lynell Ghant: lol

Josh Brunner: Bi weekly payments

Wade Yandell: 5k a month in retirement.

Lynell Ghant: Awesome.

Wade Yandell: Lynell Ghant that’s the goal anyways. I’ve got about 25y to get there. Hopefully earlier though.

David Harris: Which ones do you have

Wade Yandell: David Harris MO, T, DIS, MSFT, BA, CSCO are my top holdings by dollar amount.

Michael David Lewis: 25 years from now you will need at least 10,000 a month

Wade Yandell: Michael David Lewis i should have clarified 5k in todays dollars. You are right; inflation is the bane of retirement planning.

Anne Liu Ratanavong: Wow. $5,000 a month.

Wade Yandell: Anne Liu Ratanavong I’d rather aim high and have more than I need than to underestimate and come up short.

Anne Liu Ratanavong: Wade Yandell How many years do u have until retirement ?

Wade Yandell: Anne Liu Ratanavong 25 for “standard age”.

Anne Liu Ratanavong: Wade Yandell oh your around my age then. 27 years to go!

Wade Yandell: Anne Liu Ratanavong with any luck (more like diligent planning and saving) I can do it in my mid to late 50s

Mark VanWagenen: I’m shooting for $100 per month by end of year but I just started late last year

Lynell Ghant: That’s a great first goal.

Jennifer Leigh: I got there in less than three years but dividends are not my entire investing focus. If you buy wisely and invest regularly, you’ll get there much quicker.

Mark VanWagenen: My 1st month I earned .50 and I vowed to at least earn 25% more per month but at that rate it will be two years. I’m up to about $11 as of March so $100 by December will be a challenge but I enjoy tracking. It’s fun to me

David Harris: Which stocks do you have

Mark VanWagenen: too many to list

Jay Walrond: to keep earning more as the years go on

Christopher Brooks: Where do you start without getting ripped off?

Nick Lee: what do you mean ripped off?

Christopher Brooks: How to chose the right stocks? I like KO good stock and great dividend but what if you don’t have the extra 4K plus to invest? Budget investing and starting small I guess. I have a 401k but that’s seperate from all this. I found monthly dividends but these stocks are cheap and never heard of these funds ?.

Wade Yandell: Christopher Brooks “right stocks” is quite subjective. It d lends on your style, risk tolerance, timeframe etc. you can start with a list that I reference quite often here (David Fish CCC List) as a starting point for your own further due dilligence.

Nick Lee: Ultimate goal is to also have monthly $5k dividends.

John Tierney: Same ^ Race you there

Jonas Vejlin: My goal is to get all my basic needs(food, rent etc) covered by dividend.

Jesse Lebhar: Always working towards scaling goals: first $1000 year, average $100 a month, keep going hundred by hundred up to $1000 a month, and keep growing from there! While I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay all my expenses with dividends down the road, I’d love to see it be a huge part of my financial independence in the future..

Deuel Stephens: It’s my first year so my goal is to get as close to 500 in dividends for the year.

David Harris: Which stocks do you have

Deuel Stephens: David Harris SPHD, main, apts, aple, PGX small positions of key, Bac, ally, and M… well all my positions are small so I guess I would say micro positions in the last four

Deuel Stephens: 500 is a stretch but i figure shoot for the moon….

Paul Poirier: I’m hoping to reach $2,000 per month after taxes in retirement.

Mike Frank: As a rank novice, seeing some of these goals is eye opening.

Lynell Ghant: Glad to have helped set a vision for you.

Jesse Lebhar: Mike Frank It can be daunting sometimes to think about when you do the numbers, but gotta remind yourself this is a marathon and the longer we stay at it, the more rewards we reap!

Mike Frank: It’s also important to keep in mind that what is or is not a reasonable goal depends on numerous factors. If I came in here and asked you all what was a reasonable goal expectation, you’d have to ask me a hundred questions in return.I see a $5000/mon…See more

Mike Frank: What it really puts into perspective is, how little money I have to invest, how little time I have to invest it, and how little I know about how to invest it lucratively, etc, etc, etc.

Jonathan Wood: I am always saying this but if you want to start somewhere get an investment reward credit card like fidelity’s and get 2% on all purchases automatically sent to a Roth IRA. The account grows with your normal spending and you get to choose your dividend stocks/ETFs you want to buy a few times a year depending on how fast you accumulate rewards. It is a fun way to grow without doing any work. When you are ready you can move into phase 2 and start making contributions. It is up to you

Lynell Ghant: That is great advice.

Deuel Stephens: Any Roth or their Roth ??

Deuel Stephens: Ally has something like that for it to go to Savings but not investment accounts

Jonathan Wood: you have to open roth with them. Not sure about other limitations.

Joan Hebert: Deuel Stephens Roth is the type of retirement acct. YOu can buy anythign wihtin that acct- mutual funds, ETFs, indiv stocks… I love Fidleity as a brokrage house.

Deuel Stephens: Joan Hebert I know what I a Roth was, I have one… I just curious what was the specifics for that program. I never heard for cash back from a credit card that goes into an IRA….

Mike Frank: This is very interesting…

Joan Hebert: Deuel Stephens fidleity has 2% card- I sent the csh/points to my brokerage acct

John Pomeroy: That’s pretty slick set up, but at some point if you’ve got the cash on hand to max your Roth contributions (5500$/year) early on, I’d be curious what the card rewards would go towards.

Jonathan Wood: Simply put, this card is a good way of generating funds for your Roth for “free”. Even if you have the money to max your contributions it would be better to use the card and calculate the difference you need to contribute on a month by month or yearly basis to max your contributions.

Lynn Kissner: As long as you’re smart and pay off your monthly balance every month. This is awesome though! I wish we had something like this in my country.

Jonathan Wood: Lynn Kissner Absolutely, This card is not for new credit card users or people who carry credit card balances. This is for people who use credit cards to their advantage. paying it completely off once or more a month is the only way a credit card helps …See more

Lynn Kissner: I can tell you think like I do Jonathan?

Jonathan Wood: I am an analytical miserly introvert who spends most his time formulating and combining ideas to save money for fun and financial gain at the same time. It is always fun to meet others like me 🙂

Lynn Kissner: Oh I see a difference. I’m an extrovert and love getting to know people but, in my alone time …… I’m the same.

Micael Lilja: My goal for 2018 are 12269 usd which is 100000 Swedish crowns

Alexander Grant: I’d like dividends to be a decent part of my monthly income

Kevin Leung: Just started not too long ago but wanna reach $500 in dividends by the end of this year. Read more books on investing wisely, how to look at income statements, balance sheets, etc.

Brandon Billings: I’m going to use my dividend account to cover my insurance and use my pension for living expenses. I will want at least 3000 a month for insurance payments!

Scott Williams: I’d like the option to live off of dividends. That way if I ever got canned, I’d still be able to enjoy the holidays without stressing over money.

Scott Williams: That is one of the reasons I started dividend growth investing. I got canned close to the holidays. Luckily, I was able to get another before the holidays came but the thought crossed my mine, what happens if I didn’t find a job? How did I let other people decide whether I can pay my bills or have a stress free holiday?

Gilda Mather: to produce passive income which can replace my salary multiple by 2

Wade Yandell: Double? Nice!!!

Gilda Mather: and do more charity …

Nick Mackintosh: Currently at £2,650 a year, £40,000 would make me comfortable (goal is 25 years), but the dream is £100,000 a year.

Michael Morse: My goal when investing for dividends is….not ti lose the capital that is used to collect those dividends.

David Moore: I am a young investor 25, and for the next 10 years I am reinvesting all my dividends and once I build up a portfolio large enough to live off my dividend interest (atleast 3k a month) I will do it… Please give me like 25 more years 😀

Mark-Alan Vidal: In Canada you can earn just north of 50k a year in dividends and it would be tax free. At the very least I would like to get there but my goal is 100k a year in dividends.

Lynn Kissner: And a nice supplement for CPP ?

Mark-Alan Vidal: Haha I am not counting on CPP for much. It will be my Christmas money!

Brad Betenia: Short term goal is to get to $2,000 per month in dividends which I shouild achieve in 2 or 3 years. Long term goal is to have at least $100,000 In dividends when I retire.

Coelho Zé: You going to need about 300k

Christopher Brooks: Seriously?

Coelho Zé: yes, to be safe

Brad Betenia: That sounds about right. I’m a little higher than $1k per month and a little higher than the suggested amount.

Christopher Brooks: Changing strategies for sure

Coelho Zé: I have a small portfolio of some of the best highest dividend yielders. Hasn’t changed much in 7 years.My much larger buy and hold of 2.7 dividend average has tripled in 7 years. And the dividends have continued to increase every year along the way.

Brad Betenia: Any idea what the change will be?

Brad Betenia: Coelho Zé I tell people this all the time. They still get stuck on the yields.

Coelho Zé: a High yielder is addictive

Tecunseh Amos: debt free, own my place, and 10k month dividend… at retirement

Chuck Parrish Jr: Right now I receive about $6300.00 a year in dividends So my short term is to get to $7000 by the end of 2018Medium term is to match my average yearly contributions to my 401k which is about $10,000 so I’ll be doubling my contributions with my dividends Long term goal is just to get as many dividends per year as I can before I retire

Wade Yandell: Nice! You’re about where i’m at, give or take.

Christopher Brooks: Iam going to start… my first purchase is KO

Carlos Rodriguez: Nice, if you don’t mind me asking, how much you have invested?

Lisa Fairbrother: My goal is to earn an extra 2,000 per month by retirement age. At the moment I’m at 400 with 18 years to go.

Carlos Rodriguez: I’m happy with $300 per month or $4,000 per year. Just starting out. That’s my goal in 5 years. Roughly how much would I need to invest?

Michael Morse: How much do you plan to spend when you quit working?

Carlos Rodriguez: I can survive with $3000 per month but $4,000 per month would be good.

Michael Morse: So basically…you need $36,000-$48,000 every year for the next 65 yrs? Don’t quit working…..ever.

Michael Morse: Simple math. How much capital did you invest that just makes $300 month? You need 10x-12x that much saved to reach your goal but also that depends on market conditions. 50yrs from now a lot of changes that will occur in companies. Look what doesn’t exist today that did 50 yrs ago.

Mark Musgrove: My goal is to have 25k in Dividends a year by the time my son goes to college to help pay for it. I dont like 529 plans. And if he doesnt go to school its all mine.

Jeremy Bilodeau: Use m1 finance for free trading and dividend drips message me for info

Jason Twilbeck: All i want is 60k a year in dividends collect a payout every week and not have to work anymore

Colin Till: As I am sure you already know!, start buying only dividend paying shares with the right fundamental data and long term growth prospects, this can be a slow process but in the longer term will pay off, you should also be taking less risk with this approach, good luck.

Tomáš Lysák: If you need 1000 a Month, you would need 400.000$ in dividend stocks, with average dvd 3%. More money you invest, more carful you should be.

Mike Frank: I don’t understand.

Tomáš Lysák: 400000/100*3/12

Bill Degnan: There is no short cut. I have been investing in dividend stocks since 1968. Compounding will make it happen. Also, I suggest targeting stocks with dividend yield greater than 3%. A few percentage points makes a HUGE difference over decades. One thing I think most people on this board understand, but I will reiterate. Go for stocks whose business you understand, have a long history of paying/increasing dividends, and have done comparatively well in down turns. I rely on Morningstar ratings as a gut check. My poster child for this is T, which was the first stock I bought way back when.

Laurie Legault: My goal for 1 of my accounts is $2000 a month when I retire in 12 years.

Phyllis Reisman: Good for you….it takes years of buy and hold investing in the top stocks..

Jay Walrond: does anyone know what’s a good ratio for single stocks to index funds

Michael Morse: I scalp the index funds. I prefer investing in the common. Raid the index to produce add’l income for single stocks.

Deuel Stephens: Great question

Joan Hebert: depnds how old you are and risk tolerance. I’d say 75 index if you are kind of hands-off, and 25 indiv sticks, plsu of course your emergency fund outside of this.