Question: When did industry specific ETFs become a hot product???

When did industry specific ETFs become a hot product??? I’m so confused.

Emily Patterson-Kane: I don’t think it’s new, Fidelity and Motley Fool were talking about them may years ago.

Christopher Hong: Sure. It’s just that half of talk about investing on FB groups is about which ETFs will beat the market…

Emily Patterson-Kane: Must be the groups you are on, I haven;t seen it mentioned anywhere but here.

Christopher Hong: Yeah the last one was pretty much geared towards personal finance and beginner investors

Christopher Hong: The last one I was on

Emily Patterson-Kane: ETFs are great for beginners. It’s where I started.

Christopher Hong: But industry specific ETFs pretty much defeat the purpose of an ETF… aren’t they meant to reduce risk for an average investor?

Emily Patterson-Kane: Christopher Hong The next step from all market is sector. Where you choose a sector that is doing well but don;t need to know how to pick a particular stock.

Christopher Hong: Okay. I disagree. I think there is more risk in those ETFs

Christopher Hong: Even if you think you can beat the market in it

Emily Patterson-Kane: Christopher Hong Less risk than in single stocks. It’s an intermediate option.

Emily Patterson-Kane: Christopher Hong You beat the market because some sectors do better than others seasonally and for other reasons.

Christopher Hong: I think people are just lucky when they choose an ETF that beats the market. Long term definitely not a sustainable option to me.

Christopher Hong: I don’t want to go into the fact that more diversification does not = less risk

Emily Patterson-Kane: Christopher Hong Most of mine are market beating multi-year. Others I bought because they would beat the market that year (foreign and emerging markets for the last year for example), but beating the market is not always the goal. One reason I use them is to avoid investing in things I am philosophically opposed to. What you can do with stocks you can do with sector ETFs but with less volatility.

Emily Patterson-Kane: Christopher Hong Except that in an overwhelming majority of cases it is.

Christopher Hong:

Why Jack Bogle Doesn’t Like ETFs | Forbes

Christopher Hong: If I had to make a bet on aggregate ETF pickers will do significantly worse than the market in the long run

Christopher Hong: My point is that I believe ETF pickers will probably do much worse in the long run than general market investors.

Emily Patterson-Kane: If they lack the relevant skills and knowledge, sure, like any investing tool.

Christopher Hong: … wouldn’t people who have the knowledge and relevant skills actually avoid ETF picking?

Christopher Hong: … that’s my point I believe