Question: What’s your favorite ETF for 2018?

What’s your favorite ETF for 2018? I started the year picking up a position in XLE and so far so good….I like oil but aside from my small position in SLB, I’d rather play the ETF than individual oil stocks. XLP (consumables) are looking good to me as well. Share your favorite for 2018! ?

Hoda Mehr: I believe most members in the group are individual stock investors. You may not get enough answers. Let’s see what others have to say ?

Brian Locke: Thanks…getting to know the group ?Sometimes I like an individual stock and sometimes I like the sector

Hoda Mehr: Brian Locke Both are great! Stocks are easier to evaluate. ETFs are easier to manage risks

Klaus Nelke: Brian Locke do you know of any ETF focused on the robotics sector?

Brian Locke: Klaus Nelke….try ROBO but in this sector I like a specific stock best IRBT but do you due diligence, I haven’t yet taken a position….hoping next pull back

Phil Geronilla: Speaking of etf’s I purchased some LIT a lithium ion etf as I expect more and more use for lithium ion batteries in cars and electronics in the future

Brian Locke: Hey Phil….Ive been looking at that as well.

Aischa Santnas: me I choose equities, ETF is not flexible enough for me, I like to make my own decisions

Jeffrey Scot: I’m in equities but considering buying some VTI

Helen Sriubiskis: I have QQQ.

Assunta Bianchini: SCHD