Question: Suggestions of books or blogs or people?

Hello everyone! I know very little about investing and I have asked to join this group in order to learn all that I can from people that are active in this. My main motivation comes from seeing MANY of my elderly family members in financial ruin from poor planning and not managing their money and I know I do not want that for myself. I have not had an example to follow or learn from and there is so much information out there that I am not sure where to start. So I am asking you all for suggestions of books or blogs or people you may follow that you feel maybe helpful. Even your story maybe inspiring and informative. Thanks you for any suggestions.

Billy Toscani: The smartest thing you can do is always contribute to your 401 and never go in debt for lavish trips or a fancy car.

Long Dang: Hello Ms. Crystal, welcome to the group. I hope you can learn as much as you can in here since we do have a lot of awesome investors in here 🙂 The best thing everyone needs to know is money management. DON’T USE MORE THAN YOU MAKE!!!!

Nick Lee: I like to run any stocks I am interested in on and try to gain different opinions.

Stock Market Insights | Seeking Alpha

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: I have recently been separated from my job and had a 401 that isnt worth much, just shy of 20,000. im not sure what to with it. I signed up for it because it sounded like the right thing to do at the time(I know that makes me sound silly but its true) any thoughts? And I did buy a car in May for 15000.

Sue Weed: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley establish a brokerage account (Fidelity or Vanguard) and they can help you set up a rollover 401k for the funds you already through your previous employer. After you are settled in a new job you can set up automatic funding for investment/retirement accounts. Buy dividend paying stocks in companies whose products you use, then have dividends reinvested (DRIP) for commission free growth. For example years ago I bought 100 shares of each utility I pay and now the dividends I receive exceed my utility bills so they are paying me to use their product. At any time I can have the dividends go into a core account so I can use the money elsewhere and yet the shares still exist collecting future dividends and serving as an extra emergency fund should my emergency fund prove inadequate or my life situation change.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: Sue Weed love love love….thank you for the advice

Terry Row: There is a wealth of information available in the Pinned Post at the top of the group page. Check it out, and I wish you success.

Terry Row: Here’s a nice article on budgeting, nice because of its simplicity.…/the-balanced-money-formula/

The Balanced Money Formula

Darryl Tomas: So you’re not working right now based on your reply? First thing to do is look for a job then save and invest. ETFs are good starters and as you gain more experience with investing, then you can cherry pick the companies you like and believe in

Robert VanScoy: The most important thing that I can offer is to tell you not to make investment decisions based on a Facebook group.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: I do agree with you, research is needed to find what is truly best for my families financial future. I am just hoping to have a starting point to help find resources to help make my decisions.

Robert VanScoy: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley…/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02…

Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit…

Mike Cahill: Once you get working again, start to tax yourself weekly. Have it auto withdraw. Saving is the first step while you research an approach that makes sense to you. Saving is the hardest part for folks in the beginningI say tax instead of save because if you were taxed an additional say 15%, you would figure out a way to survive on that. Saving seems more optional. Find a percent you can live with and start there as you find an investing strategy you like.

Mike Cahill: Also this book was recommended to me in here and it was very insightful to the type of investing the people of this group do (Dividend Growth Investing). Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit Returns (Agora Series)…/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_bCZHzb22WE7QH

Get Rich with Dividends: A Proven System for Earning Double-Digit…

Paul Poirier: I’m not a financial advisor but coming from a similar back ground as you, I can give you some things to think about. Learn to live below your means. Learn how to budget and stick to it. Pay off your debts (credit cards, car loans) ASAP, starting with the highest interest ones first.Don’t take on any new debt for any reason. When possible pay yourself first. Set aside money for savings or investments before spending on other things. Max out your 401k contributions every year. At least max out any matched contributions buy your employer, that’s free money don’t ever miss out on that. As time goes by and you pay off your debts you will see a steady improvement of your finances. Your efforts to save and invest will show greater returns. Remember if it sounds to good to be true than it most likely is! Learn all you can about managing your finances and then apply what you learned. You will get there in time. We all started with taking our first steps just like you are now. I wish you the best of luck, I know the future will be brighter for you just buy the way you are looking to make changes for yourself.

Terry Row:…/after-layoff-what-to-do-with…

Wondering what to do with your old 401k after getting laid off? Check out the pros…

Jeremy Crocker: Welcome!!! I too, have learned the same lessons. This is a great group of smart people. Listen, read, and listen some more. Slow and steady!

Reginald Mitchell: I can relate, I refuse to be like my elders so that motivates me to change. Read rich dad poor dad by Robert K. That opened my eyes. Then listen to Dave Ramsey radio talk show to give great tips on how to use money. 3 hour show on iHeartRadio app for free.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: man after my own heart….i am very familiar with both these men and try to follow the advice they give..very simple and effective ideas

Reginald Mitchell: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley oh great well u straight. I’m currently trying to get debt free and I play in the stocks but boy I can’t wait to get out of debt, contribute 15% in my job 401 and be on my way. Good luck to u and far as investing, invest in what u use and what u see future potential in.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: thank you and good luck to you as well, i m thinking i ma knock the dust off rich dad poor dad ya know get a little refresher

Reginald Mitchell: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley oh yes. Nothing like money working for u 24-7.

Sean McQuillan: Reading books about dividend growth investing is how I started about five years ago. The Single Best Investment by Lowell Miller is a good one to start.

Lissa White: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley welcome to investing. If there is anything I can help you with please feel free to ask… I love to see more black Sistha like myself into investing

James Ryan: A book I can suggest for you to read is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. Also make sure you are debt free before you invest.

James Ryan: You can look up iHeartRadio podcast Dave Ramsey as well. has a very nice sale going on currently for some deep discounted items.

Dave Ramsey Homepage

Joel Shankster: Good advice James, but I disagree that you should wait until your are debt free to invest. Not sure where you got this advice, but Dave Ramsey himself DOESNT suggest waiting.

James Ryan: Joel Shankster yes he does. He has the 7 baby steps. Step 2: is being debt free except the house. Step 4: save 15% of your income for retirement

Joel Shankster: Yes yes…debt free…but the house! ?

James Ryan: Step 6: pay off the house

Mike Cahill: Btw, if you sign up for an account with Audible you’ll get free credits to acquire these books in audio format at no cost aside from a very small monthly fee after the trial which is free. While you’re out of work, I’m sure the money savings is welcome.

Tecunseh Amos: the best thing you can do after you find a job is to pay off a small place to live. paying monthly rent is a big expense and keeping that money in your pocket will help with other phases. second set up a emergency fund and do not touch it; usually 6 months worth of expenses.. third, payoff debt by increasing payment amount. depending upon the size of the debt. it is better to pay high interest in larger sums first. finally, catch up your Roth 401k or self-directed Roth IRA.

Kathy Moore: There is a free financial podcast on Sunday afternoons hosted by Bob Brinker, the author of the “Moneytalk” newsletter. If you have an iPhone you can also listen to the replay of it in the podcast app. Some of his information is technical but he also gives good, common sense financial advice for free. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years. I listen to him on WLS 890 AM on iHeart Radio as well.

Judy Yocum Ruffino: Had I purchased stocks instead of clothes in my dating youth, I would be a multimillionaire now. I would have watched U-Tube and learned how to hand sew skirts, blouses, and dresses. Hey, might do that now and buy some more stocks with my savings.

Billy Toscani: Can you say Nike-lol

Judy Yocum Ruffino: ?

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: LOL…trying to pass that same message onto my 10 and 17 yr olds..17yr is not having any part of it..

Billy Toscani: If we had bought Nike stock instead of fancy clothes.

Judy Yocum Ruffino: Billy Toscani I has taken them a long while.

Lissa White: Also.. Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley. Get with jay Harper he has a wonderful group on facebook also.. the people are ever day people like yourself trying to get ahead.. he answers any newbie questions you might have

Mark Martin: Hi Crystal. Try reading Peter Lynch’s “One up on Wall Street.” Another is by Charlie Tian, “Invest like a guru.” Start off your investing slowly by NOT committing all your $ funds right away. Test the waters by selecting one or two stocks whose product you understand and see growth and sustainability. I feel the market is weighty (top heavy, over valued) right now, so it’s even more important to do your homework and be selective.

Judy Yocum Ruffino: Lots of Peter on U-Tube and many others on many topics.

Dan Schaefer: Hi Crystal! My whole story (and details regarding how I got financially independent) is in here…

Me Against the Man: How the Guy Who Never Got Paid Much Shocked the…

Sue Weed: Promoting your own book?

Dan Schaefer: Yes, and I apologize if anyone is offended. She asked for advice, and all of mine is in one place. I combined what I learned from many sources, added my own twists, and got to a better life. The e-book is $2.99, priced low so it can cover costs and help people (not to make me a bunch of money).

Judy Yocum Ruffino: Dan Schaefer I am glad you posted the book and am never offended by an offer to help. Kindle even. Writing a book should be encouraged and supported by the stock investing community. Who knows, your 5th book could be on the best sellers list!

Dan Schaefer: Thank you, Judy Yocum Ruffino! The whole reason I wrote the book in the first place was to help people who decided to start from zero like I did, and hopefully save them some years of sifting through good and bad information. 🙂

Judy Yocum Ruffino: I am going to get it on my kindle and will make sure I give a review. That may take a while, but I will do it. You deserve support.

Dan Schaefer: I’ll look forward to your thoughts! Thanks again…

Jimmy Leclair: No no, don’t apologize. You should be your biggest promoter! Shit, I don’t have a book…..but if I did, you’d ALL hear about it! 🙂

Ernest Michael Nelson: I just read 2 chapters of the book and was very impressed with the quality . And you have a nice writing style.

Dan Schaefer: You acquaintances are not just smart about stocks, but also very nice. Many thanks!

Ernest Michael Nelson: Hello, Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley I would be happy to mentor you a little bit. Currently, I’m writing a book on this situation. Message me I would be happy to show you where and how to start. I can show you how to improve your credit and finance within several months.

Sue Weed: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley

401k Rollover to IRA – Fidelity

Ali-Reza Chattoo: You can always look at my blog What’s In Stock?. A random walk is a great book on index investing. Common stocks and uncommon profits is decent also for growth oriented stocka

Steven Groen: check out the book The Great American Dividend Machine by Bill Spitrino

David Nieto: Forget everything above. Read this and do it!!…/2012/08/MerrimanFINALcover.jpg

Dawn DuBose:

Bottom Up Wealth – Financial Options and Helpful Tools

Dawn DuBose: Great start for new beginners

Kitty Wilson Pingston: Work to make a living! Pay yourself first! Save before you spend. Pay cash! NO credit for the desires of your heart. That way nobody can take it away from you. Good luck! Read “Smart Women Finish Rich” by David Bach.

Greg Williamson: Lots of good advice. Basically, after you get a IRA set up and have funds I would start with a combination of dividend paying blue chip stocks that you are familiar with. Examples are Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Apple (AAPL), Coca-Cola (KO), and Home Depot (HD). Reinvest the dividends. You could also invest in some ETF‘s for diversity. I do some of both.

Bob Stag: All I have on the subject, before investing, set aside some emergency cash. as I found out a couple a weeks ago. Never know when a tornado might hit a little ol’ town in Maryland, and hence a place near you. Fortunately, I haven’t had to sell any positions yet, just saying, be prepared for the unexpected.

Greg Williamson: Crystal, I conducted a poll a while back of everyone’s favorite dividend stocks. We came up with 27 best of the best dividend stocks. Here they are:

Richard Carroll uploaded a file in the group: Dividend Growth Investing.
14 February 2017
Top 27 DGI companies spreadsheet
Top 27 DGI companies.xlsx

Chris Bassett: The ideal way to start investing is to first eliminate debt and build an emergency and determine your objective for investing. You may not be able to eliminate all debt such as a mortgage but definitely work to eliminate credit card debt and anything with a high rate if interest.Build an emergency fund with reputable bank or credit union than can allow you to save without paying fees. Never pay anyone to get access to your money or pay someone to hold your money.Determine what you want to accomplish by investing. Take into consideration your age and investment timeline. If you are young and you are saving for retirement it’s best to invest early on for high growth in an Roth IRA. If you want to generate passive income then high dividend stocks are better. Bear in mind that this group focuses on dividend stocks so you are likely to get a lot of encouragement in that direction.I suggest reading Rich Dad/ Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Eker. These books discuss the mindset of successful investing. The Bottom Up Wealth Group that Dawn DuBose mentioned is based upon the bottom up approach to investing in value stocks. It’s a good place to start for beginners.

Bob Stag: And, investing on pause, as I need to replenish my cash reserve, since that day.Be a Boy Scout/Girl Scout, be prepared. While that is happenning, I still investing, only it will just be dividends I re invest. and, in a month or two, be back to whole …See more

Scott Rubin: There is quite a bit of good info on, and they have videos on Youtube. They run a Retirement Boot Camp every year or so, videos online too, and that covers a lot. Christine Benz is the lead person for retirement planning. I learned a lot from her and base my own planning on her approach.

Vitaly Bayer: Ok. stop right now – you are in a wrong group. Go join Mastachians in practice group. You start with saving and cutting down your expenses this is the key. After you able to save over 50% of you income, all bad debt paid off, emergency fund funded only then you start thinking about investment. Do not do what people talk about here.

Greg Williamson: She is not in the wrong group. This is the group to learn about Dividend Growth Investing. This is the place to be! You don’t have to get debt free before investing. Buy a stock, reinvest the dividends, and learn! In the mean time also work to become debt free.

Vitaly Bayer: Greg Williamson I agree the general idea of DGI is great but learning about it on FB is madness. FB for bickering and promoting yourself not for learning anything useful. Take example from this group – it is full of kids sitting in their parents basement and complaining here they can’t figure out if the stock they just bought pays any dividends – it is madness to take any investment advise from FB groups. IMHO.

Dawn DuBose: Vitaly Bayer check out before making judgements

Bottom Up Wealth – Financial Options and Helpful Tools

Long Dang: hmmm I find it amusing that this guy actually join this group just to advocate people to quit lol

Floyd Saunders: Find great companies that you know and like. Companies that have a program where you can sign up for their dividend reinvestment plans and invest a fixed amount monthly. And have a long history of paying out increasing dividends. Like 3M for as little as $10 a month. JNJ, Proctor and Gamble or Colgate for $50 a month or Cincinnati Financial for $25 a month. Over time you can built up a nice nest egg and the reinvested Dividends will help you do it.

Chris Bassett: You actually don’t need a company with a DRIP program if your broker allows you to reinvest dividends without a fee. Fidelity and Charles Schwab don’t charge a fee for dividend reinvesting.

Floyd Saunders: Chris Bassett you don’t have to do it this way, true. But it is an option and is often cheaper buying directly from the company. In some cases you can actually buy shares at a discount and reinvest dividends for free. There are many ways to get started. This is only one. You can check out my book, “Figuring Out Wall Street” for more.

Chris Bassett: When you mention buying cheaper do you mean buying at a discount to share price or commission? I invested years ago through a DRIP and I recall paying a base commission plus an additional amount based on the number of shares that I purchased. When I …See more

Floyd Saunders: Chris Bassett discount to share price, direct from the company (only some companies do this). Every plan is potentially different.

Vitaly Bayer: So two groups you must join now:

Vitaly Bayer: Two groups to join and follow now 1) Mastachians in practice and 2) Mastachians on facebook.

Long Dang: Vitaly Bayer what? You got to elaborate more

Vitaly Bayer: I say do not accept any investment advise from FB groups especially from this one. it is full of crazy kids chasing latest fads.

Long Dang: you just said they are 2 groups that must join though.

Vitaly Bayer: they are about lifestyle not about stock picking

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , dividend growth investing is not a “latest fad”. some of have been doing it for years. So, elaborate on your previous comment, “) Mastachians in practice and 2) Mastachians on facebook., then mmaybe you stay.

Vitaly Bayer: Long Dang how many times you saw kids in this group complaining they can’t figure out if the company pays any dividends and you tell them to go read financial statements – they are like oh what? they have financial statements.

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , uh , we aren’t stock pickers, and some of us are happy with out “lifestyles”

Lesley Mapes: Vitaly Bayer, Amen!

Vitaly Bayer: Bob Stag unfortunately most members in this group are day traders chasing AMZN or TSL or whater is the latest fad – that’s true look at the posts in this group.

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , kids? We call them new members, and if they want to learn DGI, then we are here to help. Only stupid questions, well, are the one someone won’t ask.

Bob Stag: And, I disagree, ZI see bitcoin, penny trader groups, yes, I admit, I decline them. Not sure what your agenda is, but I will watch. We don’t “trade” but many of us have our non dividend payers and speculative stocks, and at the beginning of the day u…See more

Vitaly Bayer: Bob Stag learning is good but I have never hear of anyone learning anything useful on FB. FB is a social network where pips come to bicker about how great the stock they traded today and try to push it on others. Look again into posts. Anyone ever mentioned what is the theory behind DGI and why it is better then other strategies? All talk is about how AMZN is about to go to the moon.

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , are you just dumb, or really stupid? Look at the posts. maybe, just maybe, less than 1% are about non dividend payers. Your count is 0 – 2 and I will say, even if your next comment is high and outside, you might strike out.\

Chris Bassett: I don’t own AMZN. I’m not a kid and I don’t live with my parents. If I did I would be homeless. How about we stop with ignorance and the bashing. No one is forced to be here.

Joel Shankster: Do we have an admin that can reprimand vitally Bayer? I take offense to the words coming out of his mouth and trash talking this group. ????

Vitaly Bayer: Joel Shankster No. Admin is a robot like many out here.

Long Dang: guys calm down. Mr. Vitaly Bayer please refrain from calling people kids just because they don’t have the same opinions as you. some of us like growth stocks but would love to have more knowledge about dividend stocks. Some like trading and some don’t

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , you think I am a robot? This is a good group, and miybe because I been through somne stuff last 2 weeks, I show you I am not. Questions message me and we discuss. If I don’t get a message, which I will respond to, I done with you.

Billy Toscani: Vitaly, people are offering ideas and bringing goodwill.

Vitaly Bayer: No people are bickering and promoting their websites or pushing their fav. stocks.

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , last warning, just saying.\

Vitaly Bayer: Oh you don’t like my ideas?

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer elaborate, your ideas, well, don’t seem to be this groups ideas.

Vitaly Bayer: Bob Stag my idea is that a new member who shows she was born in 1999 and mentions financial ruin in family might be warned up front that it might be wise to get your spending and saving under control first and be warned that following investment advise from FB groups is dangerous. Especially groups like this one.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: Vitaly you seem like a lone man among many men. I don t believe your comments to be as constructive as the others and perhaps your beliefs are more suited for a different crowd.

Vitaly Bayer: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley Good so I see you have learned something. Notice that if I did not start screaming about debt and saving they would probably never mention the basics first. 🙂

Bob Stag: Bob Stag And, investing on pause, as I need to replenish my cash reserve, since that day.Be a Boy Scout/Girl Scout, be prepared. While that is happenning, I still investing, only it will just be dividends I re invest. and, in a month or two, be back to…See more

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer They and me all mentioned the basices.

Bob Stag: Bob Stag And, investing on pause, as I need to replenish my cash reserve, since that day.Be a Boy Scout/Girl Scout, be prepared. While that is happenning, I still investing, only it will just be dividends I re invest. and, in a month or two, be back to…See more

Greg Williamson: Bob, did you say you were hit by a tornado?

Vitaly Bayer: Well apparently Bob Stag is a robot?

Bob Stag: Yeah, Maryland., 2 weeks ago. Compared to neighbors we made out OK, after insurance looking $16,000 or so out of pocket. Weird, tree damage that doesn’t hit dwelling, not covered. Limb “hangers” that haven’t yet hit roof, not covered. But, State F…See more

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: Bob Stag not attempting to offend(or open a can) if your not a praying man but i am a praying woman and will send my churches prayers to you and yours

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , robot this jerk

Bob Stag
25 July 2017

Bob Stag: You want more, I took plenty of pictures for insurance.

Bob Stag: Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley TY so much, me my better half and both of our daughters are blessed. We are on the road to recovery much quicker than those who lost everything. So, prayers, not only for me, but our friends and neighbors in Bay City Maryland! Means the world. TY again.…

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer guess this was a robot also.

Vitaly Bayer: Bob Stag at least I did not call anyone names and offered some good and solid advise

Greg Williamson: Hope everyone is OK Bob!

Bob Stag: Greg Williamson , even the dog, that was the best. Me the boss, and Tuck, safe. Our castle compared to others, withstood, protected us with some wounds and scars that can be fixed,

Our House Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Bob Stag: Vitaly Bayer , damn, and I thought you called me a robot.

Greg Williamson: An oldy but goody!

Bob Stag: Greg Williamson , any one that has made 4 walls a home should listen to it.

Greg Williamson: Vitaly, you say there is no learning on FB? So far on Crystal’s posts, I have read that it is good to get rid of debt before investing, to open a Roth IRA, to reinvest dividends, and there have been some suggested reading such as “Get Rich with Dividends”. Sounds like excellent learning material to me!

Joel Shankster: Please don’t trash talk this group and its members. Let’s be positive and help others learn!

Greg Williamson: Crystal, one important point that I don’t think anyone has brought up: Several people mentioned investing in a Roth IRA account and rolling over your 401K to a Roth IRA. This is important because in an IRA you will not get taxed on the money you make through dividends and capital gains. In a regular account, you must pay taxes on these. You can open a Roth IRA in a on-line brokerage such as Fidelity or Scottrade. I use which has $2 trades in a IRA.

Folio Investing | Investment Brokerage with Commission-Free Online Trading

Ray Michael Ridenhour: .

Greg Williamson: Crystal, after you get a Roth IRA set up I want to suggest starting with Realty Income Corporation (stock ticker is O). This is one of the most discussed and popular dividend stocks to invest on this site. O pays a monthly dividend that equates to roughly 4.5% per year. Another important point is that the company typically increases its dividend over time. Here is its dividend history:…

O Historical Prices | Realty Income Corporation Stock – Yahoo Finance

Umesh Mirani: U can add O to Roth IRA?

Greg Williamson: Yes, you can buy any stock or ETF in a Roth IRA.

Chris Bassett: Can you roll a 401K into a Roth IRA? I know it can be done in with a traditional IRA because it’s rolling between two tax deferred accounts.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: Chris Bassett that was my question

Sue Weed: Chris Bassett only into IRA unless you are willing to pay the income taxes on the money.

Greg Williamson: I do not know Chris. Good question! You may have to roll it over to a traditional IRA and then transfer it to a Roth. A phone call to the brokerage could answer that one.

Chris Bassett: Greg Williamson I don’t think it can be transferred from a traditional to a Roth either unless as Sue Weed stated the taxes on the contribution were paid. If that could be done you wouldn’t pay taxes on the contributions made under the traditional IRA nor on the distributions paid under the Roth.

Greg Williamson: OK thanks. I have not had to roll over a 401K, so I was not sure about that.

Greg Williamson: Crystal, I hope we are not throwing too much info at you, but please read the attached article on Johnson & Johnson. It illustrates how an investment in a dividend stock can grow over time when you reinvest the dividends. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is another extremely popular and talked about stock on this site:…/a-simple-and-proven-way-to-beat…

A Simple and Proven Way to Beat the Market — The Motley Fool

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: not at all…in fact its helped to firm up some ideas that I already had on how to proceed. I so appreciate all the comments and am excited about some of the resources suggested.

Bob Stag: Go blue chip dividend growers, then get some growth stockcs with low dividends payout ratios, which are boosting annually. Sorry, git side tracked, right now, AAPL and SBUX fit the second.

Billy Toscani: Be happy and good luck.

Mike Grether: I think there are at least 100 different investment styles. But in my experience some of the people who do the worst year to year are the ones who attempt to learn all of them. You are wise to start by just learning dividend growth because you will get exposure to different styles but will be concentrated in safer dividend stocks as you begin the journey. I like the idea of starting with a REIT like O and try to keep around 25% exposure in REITs in the beginning so you can have dividend income coming in which will enable you to make more and larger purchases. Another good monthly paying REIT is STAG.

Po WAh: Agreed unless you know the company’s market, strategy, new products with high probability of success and proven management with increasing FCF.

Lisa Mo: the book automatic millionaire is a good resource. Easy read too

Ken Faulkenberry: The Most Important Thing…. by Howard Marks should be required reading for every new investor. It will save you from making so many mistakes:…/

The Most Important Thing by Howard Marks: Book Review and Summary -…

Chris Bassett: Is Howard Marks the guy who came under pressure for refusing to invest in Internet shell companies before the burst of the dot com bubble?

Ken Faulkenberry: Exactly =>…/billionaire-investor-marks-who…

Billionaire investor Marks, who called the dotcom bubble, says…

Connie Howell: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is a great place to start. Then study Jim Cramer, Warren Buffet, other well known financial advisors. Then read biographies of some billionaires for lifestyle reframing.

John J Kasperek: Ramsey is a charltan

Connie Howell: That’s funny. Dave Ramsey has a very practical, functional approach to getting out of debt and budgeting, from my perspective.

Scott Rubin: Dave is good for people who can’t control their debt.

Connie Howell: Scott Rubin Agreed. He teaches ppl who don’t know how to control their debt how to do so. And how to think about their money as a tool that requires control so it will work for us.

John J Kasperek: This is off topic from the group. But I find he mixes finance & religion. It hurts professionals who do not drink the kool aid.

Scott Rubin: John J Kasperek he’s pretty up front about it. For those who are motivated by bible verses and can frame their spending habits in terms of sin, Ramsey can be quite helpful. For behavior, I prefer Statman, and for developing an investing plan, Benz at Morningstar.

John J Kasperek: Scott Rubin I will just say I consider myself a practicing Christian and find him cult-like and don’t like it.

Scott Rubin: John J Kasperek I don’t follow him that closely. There have been various faith based financial programs, such as Crown, and whatever succeeded them. How is he cult-like?

Nick McKinley: You can find any and everything on Youtube. great place to get started.

Lisa Fairbrother: Some good advice here. But completely off topic, I was raised in a small town/village in England called Woodley so I was wondering whether that’s where your name comes from.

Crystal Sturdivant-Woodley: I am not sure where my married name is derived from. My husbands family is from a small county in Va that is rich in American history. They could be connected.

Floyd Brigman: this guy’s writting is pretty interesting

The Conservative Income Investor |

Floyd Brigman: Also

Edwin Devera: Best thing to do is open up an account to any online brokerage of your choice, i.e. TD AMERITRADE. Fidelity, scottrade etc. then invest in stocks that pays dividend like Coca Cola or Pepsi, Walmart, oil stocks , auto stock, reit stock in other word diversify your position. But the most important thing to do before investing is pay off your credit cards first if you have one, because your interest expense on those could be a lot higher than your investment income.

Sid Castro: Download free financial apps to bone up on the market news like: CNBC,, Market Watch, Lear Capital, Stock Twits, etc. Lots of good info online. Sign up for e-newsletters, some of it free. Key is to get educated on this stuff, & keep educating yourself. Knowledge is power. – Stock Market Quotes & Financial News