Question: I guess you don’t save your money under your mattress, do you?

Allen Kaplun: You wouldn’t go to a a professional investor for legal advice. Why go to a lawyer for investment advice? Oops, I’m late for my hair appointment. My barber was supposed to change the brake pads on my car. Happy Investing!
Irene Sanchez: Hey Allen Kaplun I didn’t say I went to a lawyer for investing advice. Actually the lawyer was my client. We just ended up talking about investing.
Sid Lem: Investing 101:
Learn to invest – Value Investing
Zeeshan Sunesara: If your a begginer start with etfs ,youll outform many hedge fund managers…investing is an art a skill along with being good at reading financial statements.
Pancha Sharam: Hi Zeeshan , can you recommend some etf names in US market . How do we assess better etf ?
Zeeshan Sunesara: Vanguard etfs are the best…..
Zeeshan Sunesara: Vanguard midcap value etf.
Pancha Sharam: Great . Thanks a lot Zeeshan
Maximilian J Witherell: If a billionaire keeps all his money in a mattress, it will be his grandkids who see it become worthless due to inflation. None of us are immune… a dollar today is not worth a dollar tomorrow.To thrive in our world, you can’t just save money. You must breed it.
Irene Sanchez: love that
Cole Young: Whats the best way to breed it?
Maximilian J Witherell: Cole Young Defeat inflation, year over year, consistently. And, never allow your spending to overpower your gains.
Cole Young: Maximilian J Witherell where to start and how to start learning?
Maximilian J Witherell: Cole Young Read the two books written by Benjamin Graham. He taught Warren Buffett, among many other people. After that, never stop learning. Never stop reading.
Guille Ggh: Hoarding cash at this point (mid 2017) does seem like a sensible idea, given the extremely expensive equity markets – and fixed income is even worse. Not a good idea at all for the long term to hoard cash obviously, but if you happen to be a beginner investor, this is definitely one of the hardest markets you will ever face because of the lack of opportunities with a large margin of safety, and lots of opportunities to make mistakes. Save your cash for potential crashes in 1-3 years, and study what the great investors are doing in the meanwhile. Take a look at Howard Marks latest memo “There they go again”.
Guille Ggh: Matthew Waterman the way I see it, either we have flat horizontal markets for 5-7 years while we wait for fundamentals to catch up to extremely high price implied expectations, or we see a big price correction so prices catch up with current fundament…See more
Sayantan Chakraborty: .://…/Welcome-to-the-WealthPark… is it a good to follow ?
Welcome to the WealthPark Academy | WealthPark Academy
Rob Urban: I’ve been investing for 20 years and vastly outperform the market holding 15-20 stocks but since 2015 YES, I prefer the mattress. I’ll change my opinion during the next recession. You will never find good investment bargains when you’re competing with 80 year old grandmas liquidating 1% CDs to buy stocks, junk bonds and rental real estate to survive.
Tim Anderson: I own 8 net net’s right now. Been an investment manager since 1993. Over 37% return thus far for 2017. There is no bubble. I guarantee it.You start worrying about how other people invest and you’ll quickly lose focus on how you should invest. Net-net…See more
Aritz Goiriena: I invest the money i can save in diferent stocks, lending in the bank a few cash to survive.
Tim Anderson: I sure don’t, and I also don’t take investment advice from Tony Robbins. Last I checked, he probably never heard of a discounted cash flow.
Irene Sanchez: lol yep. What’s your to go book on this topic Tim Anderson?
Tim Anderson: Irene Sanchez Howard Marks gives good advice. THE go-to book for me will always be Ben Graham’s Security Analysis. Another good story about this subject matter can be found in the Bible, of all places. It’s called the “Parable of the talents” found in Matthew and/or Luke. It directly addresses your post.
Irene Sanchez: Tim Anderson thanks wise man!
James Cawley: Blue horseshoe loves Anacott Steel
Michael Wei: He has a profound misunderstanding on what money is. He should read my article:…/0B0RtN6yW9YcQV0pWVGp…/view…
Money and Wealth – a short primer on finance for a layperson.pdf
Michael Keeton: I got news for you. 1. Money don’t grow on trees and 2. Money don’t grow under the mattress
Irene Sanchez: lol