Question: Can someone recommend some stock screeners sites. Which are free and good enough and which ones you have to pay for but are really good?

Michael Wei: Ycharts. Morningstar.
David Smoot: Definitely – Stock Screener
Evan Bleker: I hear is great. But, then again, it’s also my site. 😉
Net Net Hunter – High Quality International Net Net Stocks
David Geof: word on the street is that is great, but as with Evan I claim ownership bias :-p
Robur IR: A Site For Professional Equity Investors
Stephan Heuler: Magicformulainvesting.comSimple, limited, but free…….
Magic Formula Investing
Lukas Savickas: Here is a list of free screeners. screener : : http://www.unclestock.comscreener : : : : : : : : http://www.magicformulainvesting.comscreener : http://www.specialsituationsmonitor.comAll the best
Stock Screener
Bala Prema Rohith: chartink, Google finance