Question: I have been googling for the last hour for a UK composite table of corporate bonds. I am specificity looking for the high yield (AAA) rates 20 year corporate bond average?

Vishwanath Narayanasamy: I am struggling with the same for the Indian companies. I ended up using the yield of another company with a AAA rating. That information will be available more easily. Hopefully it helps!

Johnathan Phan: Thanks. This is disappointing. I am hoping to find these bits of information for other markets. Using quantitative analysis from Ben G’s method is easy for American stocks as you can easily get a the info you want from the Fed’s website. However frying to do this for Chinese or euro stocks and you have about as much chance as a snowball in hell as finding it.

Evan Bleker: Chinese stocks are sketchy. In general, I think it’s best to stay away. Also, keep in mind that Benny G. changed his thoughts on investing just before his death. I used to try to use bond yields as a way to help find the IV of stocks but abandoned it. In the end, it was too much work for too little return to justify it.

Terence Tan:

Government Bond Yields

Terence Tan: I use the government bond yield as the AAA bond yield that Ben Graham is looking for…it may not be correct but I believe this is the closest you can get to a risk free rate.

Terence Tan: On Chinese Stocks, I agree with Evan Bleker. Unless you know its own by shareholders in other countries. For me, there is too much issue there to ensure the numbers in the books are right – even if its deeply undervalued.

Johnathan Phan: Thanks everyone for your input. I am in treated in listening to the valuation stats that people us in that case. Evan Bleker how are you finding intrinsic value then? Talen Blackburn Terence do you use his formulas? I am still doing wlqaulitative checks. My quantitative is peaty good. I just need to understand a bit more concerning how the legal liquidation procedures work.

Terence Tan: Yup. I uses his formula in a way but I do not follow it rigorously. Created a scorecard for Singapore Stocks which I explained in my blog.

Terence Tan:

T.U.B Investing

Evan Bleker: Hi Johnathan Phan, I use the firm’s NCAV. It’s really simple and profitable.…/

Your Essential Guide to Net Net Stocks – Net Net Hunter

Johnathan Phan: Evan Bleker so I followed Ben G methods for a while. I have simply not created automated spreadsheet for it ergo the questions. I didn’t follow the Base formula until now as I am trying to automate a lot of the tasks needed to make a decision.

Evan Bleker: It may be a mistake to aim for perfection. Try your best but realize that there is a steep cost to being uninvested.

Terence Tan: Totally agree