Question: What is the average rate of return you expect annually on your portfolio over a 5 to 10 yer period ?

Evan Bleker: Roughly a 25-30% CAGR under “normal” market coditions, with 30% being close to the upper limit. Higher under exceptional market growth, lower during periods of stagnation. 10 years would also be a better time span than 5 years.

Zeeshan Sunesara: warren buffet averaged about 22% entire life till date… source intelligent investor

Evan Bleker: Much higher during his partnership days and in the high 30% range during the ’50s managing small sums. Even now, managing small sums with a different strategy, he knows he can do 50%. I’ve already done 25%+ over the past few years. I suggest learning about the value strategies open to you.

Zeeshan Sunesara: thanks evan could discuss strategies and tools and styles of value investing strategies with u.. some day

Evan Bleker: Sure, just let me know what questions you have and I’ll answer them in the morning.

Zeeshan Sunesara: yup thanks

Bartlomiej Korpak: Hi Evan Bleker, I would love to hear about your approach to investing, mainly about the stock selection process and your decision criteria when to invest 🙂 I appreciate your input very much

Evan Bleker: Sure, no problem. This article here explains everything:

NCAV Stocks: How To Get Explosive Returns

Evan Bleker: This article goes over my positions and you can see my on the My Returns page:…/

My NCAV Stocks Returned 38% Per Year — Here’s How

Chinmay Sangoram: Depends on what benchmark index u’re trying to outperform..

Robin Pal: if I’m investing in jr.nifty , i would expect roughly 18-20% annum. not more than this coz I make expectations always low.

Jason Waite: Ask them what returns they got in 2 years & you’ll be even more shocked.

Abdul Mateen: On large capital you shouldn’t expect more than 20-21% returns, under $10m it is possible to have even 35% returns. BUT I HIGHLY ADVICE TO SEEK SOME FINANCIAL EXPERT opinion before you make your goal.

Evan Bleker: I really don’t think financial experts have much to offer, to be honest. I don’t think most of them actually know how to invest successfully. Many are kids just out of university who have only ever studies academic finance and have taken a few securities courses.Even the value firms are often just value pretenders, or closet indexers. To invest successfully you have to invest contrary to the crowd… and the pros are almost by definition the crowd.

David Geof: Personally happy with 7-10% net.

David Geof: some interesting commentary here:…/howard-marks-says…

Howard Marks Says Institutional Returns at 5.5% a ‘Big Problem’

Michael Morse: If i make more than the Fed and their banker clan are offering….then i’m doing good.

Harshad Tallur: I think the fun lies in identifying the undervalued Identifying that gem which may be low on volumes (coz people have not yet spotted it) but still high on return ratios and a reasonably good mgmt.