Question: Does anyone have any dividend-earning ETFs?

Does anyone have any dividend-earning ETFs? can somebody offer their experience?

Philip Miele: Ticker: SCHD Exp: I bought some and they pay me.

Warren Greene: Same but VYM and VYMI.

Philip Miele: Also good

Warren Greene: I’m usually a Vanguard groupie but last time I checked Schwab’s fees were getting pretty close if not even on most ETFs.

Matthew Swishman: okay so this ETF pays you the dividends of its constituent stocks, in SCHD case that’s 100 dividend-paying stocks…. what does a payout look like if you don’t mind me asking?

Philip Miele: About 32 cents a share

Warren Greene: Right now VYM is 2.70%, and VYMI is 3.04% (appx $0.64 and $0.47 per share respectively).

Philip Miele: SCHD is like 2.5% I think

Philip Miele: 2.68%

Warren Greene: I think my main beef with Schwab’s high dividend vs Vanguard’s was that Vanguard did quarterly dividends and Schwab was yearly (at least on whatever I was comparing).

Benn Hendricks Sr.: Even better if bought thru Schwab commission free.