Question: Any thoughts on EFT funds?

Any thoughts on EFT funds? Bought some today – Fidelity FTEC.

Andrew Perkins: .

Ray Vannostrand: UGAZ & DGAZ has had some good channels to trade in

Eric Clifton: ETF?

Ray Vannostrand: Yea natural gas with inverse

Pancho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: Big inflows into Defensive Consumer Stables (KO, PG, etc) Big inflows into Short Technology.…/xlp-rew-big-etf-inflows-cm933331

XLP, REW: Big ETF Inflows

Pancho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: However, the outflows in ETFS for Feb, could mean oversold, as suggested by the FT, unless there is additional risk from a tick-for-tac trade war.

Pancho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: However, it could be that World markets, especially Europe could out perform the U.S. Especially European Banks , such as Barclays, which reinstated their dividend recently.

Pancho Conejo Gonzalez Lopez: full article:…/1b702a1e-22d9-11e8-add1-0e8958b189ea

Volatility drives first ETF outflows in two years

Russell Worcester: In the red since purchase – FTEC – etf. Hope that turns around – techs had a bad day — really? I’m confused.

David Atherton: ETF is just a mechanism, depends what the fund is

Ray Vannostrand: ETF’s decay over time. Don’t buy them for long term holds or at all if you don’t have a plan.