Question: Is anybody here familiar with the guru focus app?

Is anybody here familiar with the guru focus app? I have a few questions.

Guille Ggh: Not the greatest platform imo

Tzvi Opoczynski: What’s a better one ??

Guille Ggh: For professional value investors, nothing comes close to CapitalIQ, which will set you back about 15-20K USD anually. A cheaper competitor, Sentieo, will cost you about 5-6K USD annually. If you are a retail investor, I think the best platform is Morningstar which costs $200 a year or so. Morningstar is great when it comes to USA stocks, but their non-USA coverage is quite mediocre.

Guille Ggh: It is too expensive for a retail investor, and essentially worthless for a professional investor.

Alexander Nees: costs you 101-239 dollars per year. It focusses on a broad coverage in markets (all over the world) and financial numbers (2500+ per stock).

Uncle Stock | Fundamental Stock Screener

Kevin Chung: Also, check out It’s similar to GuruFocus if you are interested in guru analysis, insider tracking, and financials. But it’s limited to 3000 U.S. stocks. You can try out pretty much every feature in the Demo section with Dow 30 stocks.

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Kevin Chung: I forgot to add a disclosure that I am the founder of loudnumber.