Is it a good idea to purchase penny stocks for growth ??

Is it a good idea to purchase penny stocks for growth ??

Jayda Sutton: Get in, get out… Hope the next one doesn’t suck all your profit from the last lol pennies are nothing to invest in long term.

Alessandra Blair: Alot of people just chase pennies from them. But there are some that have great potential. Just do your DD. I hold a few I don’t have the time to jump in and out for pennies

Nia Greene: Learned the hard way. Long term = well established companies

Haylee Sherman: Depends. With pennies charts are only so important. Ita more about DD. Some like akers bio have always been decent small companies but have tech to explode. Also have to do dd on management and what they have accomplished in past. Somebody that worked for a big bio company making bank isnt going to switch to a company that has 2m in revenue a year if he/she doesnt believe company has massive potential

Madelynn Silva: lol 99% of the time no buy visa matter card arkk square etfs if you want to hold

Joanna Brown: They are great for daytrading , but everything else …. NOPE

Charleigh Carson: Penny stock I’ve learn its for day trading most the time. I was holding JAGX and making some good money, but the trash kept on falling so i ended up selling for a bit of profit, when i could of sold on a big gap up that it did.

Paige Lynch: Not unless you know something about the company that no one else knows. If not, I’d say no. Small cap and mid cap can be good for growth.

Ivy Paul: Hell No! Do you think a company’s stock is trading for pennies because it is doing well and has a bright future?Do you think you are the only person in the world to know something? There are people who spend their entire work day, every day, at brokerage companies, mutual funds, and investment firms researching companies looking for profit opportunities.A penny stock is a lottery ticket. Nearly all will be worthless. A rare one might hit.

Lilith Powers: When I buy pennies, I hold them for hours or overnight. Almost 100% of the time, they are awful to sit on. I love pennies, but no, please don’t hold them.

Ximena Roy: Lol, no. They’re penny stocks for a reason.

Finn Harmon: Darius 99.9% of penny stocks should not be held more than several weeks IMHO. This is because most smart money in penny stocks is from short term traders, and like any market, the smart money starts the trends in the price direction.I personally don’t like to hold any pennies more than a few days, but I’m impatient. I do know of a strategy that can be used to hold for a few months at most, but someone should ALWAYS know what is happening to the price and always have an exit strategy whether you are making a profit or losing. There are currently about 15000 penny stock companies and most don’t ever make it past penny stock territory. Do some REAL SERIOUS research into the companies you are thinking about holding long term IF you do. Believe me, I’ve been trading them for several years. You can make good consistent money from them, but it’s mainly by short term trading.

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Finn Harmon: Darius K. Langford no problem. Let me know if you need any more help.

Cora Martinez: Finn Harmon: will do .. And thanks again

Jordan Hardy: As long as you understand it’s like lotto tickets it’s fine…

Jayden Casey: The thing with penny stocks like otc they can make up any bullshit they like. If they price does go up it more likely it will sell shares to mm or sell warrants and the price falls. Pennys have no issue doing reverse splits from billions of outstanding shares to issue out more shares…

Evelynn Carr: RESEARCH. And I like AKER.

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Hallie Maldonado: Only study charts for patterns and signals in order to do your best to buy at a low and sell for a gain

Sebastian Webb: Depends on the kind and how much your willing to put in. Medical penny stocks once FDA approved can go way up.

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