Question: Thoughts in long tvix tomorrow on the open?

Jim Baga: Might wanna’ see if you get a gap down … nice play today was $6.84 an hour in to $7.30. I am looking for that $6.70-$6.80.

Justin Beach: Thanks for the input- it is appreciated

Jim Baga: Justin Beach my best to you; this is a tough one though if you get it right it can give you 7-8% in a couple of hours.

Chip D’Alatri: Tariffs got kicked down the road for another thirty days so markets might smooth out, but I’ll be watching to see if a day trade presents itself.

Bret Bossenberry: Distribution day today so you prob good%%

Jim Baga: What does that mean Bret; not familiar with that.

Bret Bossenberry: When you can see accumulation and distribution you can follow the mkt cycles I also follow sector rotation every week pretty much just following the money up or down

Jim Baga: Bret Bossenberry thx

Bret Bossenberry: you see what i mean about money flowing out yesterday

Jim Baga: Yea pretty much all sectors are red or barely hanging on … energy fell fast I see it trying to make comeback … tvix dipped $7.26 to $7.16 about 45 mins into the open so I bought there … all sectors look vulnerable thx for update you make

Jim Baga: Bret Bossenberry tech is funny it’s fighting like a son of a gun … we’ll see if mkt fades I have soxs to hedge my tech stocks … energy fought back temped to buy drip though I struggle on entries to energy triples I usually get tvix right

Bret Bossenberry: Also try and watch a 30 min open range trade another easy read today and use diff time frames this is a 5 /15/ 30 great gains on SPY puts and FB puts also GS

Jim Baga: Bret Bossenberry what do u see this on that you’re watching ..looks better than what I watch thx

Bret Bossenberry: This is Etrade pro

Jim Baga: Thx

Amiras Gandhi: Waiting for fed’s meeting decision tomorrow 2 pm. After that market may get direction that’s what usually happens.

Jim Baga: Yea their comments on what they may do in June may have an impact … earnings have been ok though int rate hikes scare this mkt