Question: Tempted to buy SQQQ & VXX. Anybody else thinking along the same lines?

Nick AL: Only to cover a short
Amiras Gandhi: Have to close above 2680 on futures

Hassan Chawala: VIX holding up. I think markets will tank later today

Waldemar Carlstrom: Yes, VXX,VXZ,FNGD,and SQQQ

David Lincoln Bechtold: sold on vxx

Duke Matlock: VXX has filled a gap

Michael Listman: Sure hope you didn’t pull the trigger on that yesterday… SQQQ at EOD today might make sense to take advantage of a rally breather. Don’t expect VXX to ‘bounce’ as it seems the air is being let out of vol

Hassan Chawala: I didn’t. I shorted UWT. Made a nice gain. Now shorted XLE. Hoping to make 3-4% with a 1% stop loss

Michael Listman: Awesome! I’d like to think this group was some help to you in avoiding those entries. I’m more of a swing trader leaning towards selling premium over a longer timeframe but directional bias still matters!

David Yen: Michael Listman hi mich could u share which etf or tick option are u selling premium ? What strategy? Ic ?
Btw mich i still selling IC TLT , but recently premium is very little and hard to open new trade … very wide spread price .

Michael Listman: I’m almost all futures and options on futures right now.
/CL – strangle 69c/52p (from over a month ago)
/NG – sold PS 2.55p/2.45p (expires next week)…See more

Michael Listman: I think bonds are the easy directional call right here as a large drop in interest rates is highly unlikely. Enter on spikes and give yourself room to move against you. I’m just playing a slow but steady decline.You can even make this more delta neutral as a pairs trade by going long one maturity and short the other (a little curve education helps here) Then sell options against your position.

David Yen: Michael Listman thank mich. sorry for my poor understanding below option … could u tell more ? Thank
how to pair it ? Is it with option by long put and call ? or equity by long and short , is it cover call or put ? How to establish this sell option…See more

Michael Listman: David Yen It’s rather involved but you should start here:…/understanding-treasury…