Question: Any suggestions on how to become better at reading them and understanding?

Victor Huynh: Practice, models are mostly mechanical, so practicing will allow you to read and further view statements from a different perspective. Assuming you’ve never done accounting, there’s a book called “The interpretations of financial statements” by Ben Graham and Spencer Meredith. There’s another one called “Warren Buffett’s interpretation of financial statements” by Mary Buffett. I recommend both (they are pretty short), but if you had to pick one to begin with, choose the latter. As simple as it sounds, you could practice reading company reports, notably Berkshire Hathaway’s (what a good company looks like) or any company for that matter (read the qualitative part too).
Zeeshan Sunesara: Take up a course in financial accounting…will help you a lot when you put it to practise
Lim Boon Song: the book that best explains how to read a bit of financial statements is 5 rules to successful stock investing by pat dorsey.start off from there and you can’t go wrong.
TreVon Knight: Thank you guys never thought I would be into the stock market but it seems pretty interesting
Patrick Leduc: Don’t take shortcuts. Don’t fool yourself and think it’s easy. I see a lot of “value investors” look at a few ratios and call it a day. That’s called gambling. (I’ve been there)It’s hard work but very rewarding. I recommend The Investment Checklist. Gives you an idea of the actual work needed. It’s an easy read too.
Jimmy O’Gosh: ^^^ THIS!!!
Lim Boon Song: thanks for the recommendation. reading through the book now.
Joshua Richardson: F
Brent Legendre: Check out the book Rule 1 investing.
TreVon Knight: I’m curious as to if there is a formula for value investing ? I’ve been looking into intrusic value.
Patrick Leduc: You didn’t read the books yet did you?
TreVon Knight: half way through the 1st
Pablo Cooke: There’s no formula per se.
Niccolò Barberini: Intrinsic value is given by the power of a company to generate future earning. According to that, first of all, you have to think about the core business of a company and find out if its meaning is simple and clear.
David Smoot: I’II make it easy for you. I read both books. Here’s what Mr. Buffett does when choosing a company to invest in.
Nkanyiso Mathonsi: Try,The investors podcast “we study billionaires” they summarize books, got courses in value investing and teach you how to calculate your intrinsic value….
Guille Ggh: Try any well rated “Financial Statement Analysis” book from amazon. If you are really committed to improving yourself, study the financial statement analysis chapters from the CFA curriculum.