Question: What subject should I major if interested in investment?

Savann Khet: You’re welcome. That depends on several factors and one of which is your personal interest. What are you most interested in? Real estate, stocks, private equities, bonds, etc. However, as the name of this Group suggests, I guess the admin may focus mainly on investing in stocks for the long-term.

Kyle Wiest: I had the same question. My interests are in Private Equity, specifically the green tech sector, but I see the investment banking route as the best way to get to that. Presently, I am an Economics major, but may add Business Admin w/ a focus on Finance & Business Economics. Recommendations?

David Geof: hi Kao, personally I would recommend finance as understanding company financials is crucial to value investing. MBA is also useful as it helps cultivate an understanding company moats – these are by no means necessary and I am of course very biased

Evan Bleker: Accounting, 100%. Accounting is the language of business so speaking it is a basic requirement.

Kao Lor: Savann khet: maybe investment in real-estate and private equity