Question: Stocks on Robinhood App that pays dividends?

ROBINHOOD Question… I just got the app and set up my account and funded it. Is there stocks on there that have been paying monthly dividends for years that I can look into? Thanks.

Chuck Parrish Jr: O, STAG

David Linnell:

2016 Dividend Aristocrats List – Simply Safe Dividends

Michael Levin: Monthly payers are etg exg Evv

Sean Thee Aposoul Gary: I don’t see where I can go pick some stock to buy??

Michael Levin: Own them all

Gerhard Kramer: Be careful. When interest rates go up, the shares will go even more down

Chuck Parrish Jr: Then buy more cheaper

Gerhard Kramer: Chuck Parrish Jr I told many people that these reits are crazy overvalued a few month ago. Some pay more dividend than they earn. Do you think that is healthy ?

Chuck Parrish Jr: Some might but not all REITs doAlso that’s why we should research before buying

Gerhard Kramer: Chuck Parrish Jr agree

Robert Freeman: another reason why buy and hold makes no sense. you HAVE to pay attention daily

Michael Levin: At a higher dividend

Gerhard Kramer: But only when you havn’t bought at high price

Sean Thee Aposoul Gary: Where do I buy stocks on the app?

Robert Freeman: you should get yourself an online broker that doesnt charge crazy prices for trades and that provides real research. the research is there to save you from making mistakes

Sean Thee Aposoul Gary: I thought I could buy and trade on the app?

Robert Freeman: you can but if all youre looking for is something for nothing then disregard my advice.

Sean Thee Aposoul Gary: But I don’t even see where or how to buy on the app. I just want to get something well known that has been paying out monthly dividends for years. It dissent have to have a huge return. But something that’s been consistently paying out monthly for years.

Sean Thee Aposoul Gary: Not investing a lot. But I want something to sit and grow the long term.

Robert Freeman: that should be your 401k’s role. give yourself a nestegg. theres no real rule to investing except doing proper research and paying attention to your investments and the news surrounding them. but you arent going to be able to do that properly for free. theres plenty of brokers out there from 4.99-9.99 per trade that provide proper research

Sean Thee Aposoul Gary: Gotcha. So I have to get a broker to buy through the app?

Robert Freeman: no. I dont know anything about the app. I use a broker

Robert Freeman: if nothing else at least check out the website link I provided

Brad Betenia: MAIN pays monthly.

Gerhard Kramer: Just to look at dividend is stupid :…/is-main-street-capital…/

Is Main Street Capital Corporation’s (MAIN) Balance Sheet Strong…

Brad Betenia: That article literally said nothing.

Brad Betenia: And all he asked was which companies pay a monthly dividend for years that he can look into. MAIN fits that criteria.

Robert Freeman: do research on . then you can decide for yourself

Dividend Channel

Victor Maldonado: CLM is a great closed end fund. Pays monthly. Been with them for a while.

Robert Freeman: was in clm and crf last month. so many people told me they are dangerous. but they pay well. probably going back into one of them in january

Victor Maldonado: I hear ya, my coworker been with them for many years and he trips over his own dividends. Much to be envied. I’m slowly catching up and it’s been great so far. Now is a good time to get back in since the price dropped after their rights offering. It always goes down after an offering then goes back up. My partner buys the rights Everytime it’s offered and saves up more money for the next opportunity

Robert Freeman: well that confirms it. some high fliers like that are worth having

Michael J. Lord II: There should be a magnifying glass in the upper right corner, search the stock then scroll down right below the performance should be a buy tab…. is that what you’re asking?

Michael J. Lord II: Also, O, SJR, PHK, SDIV, STAG are monthly. Google search monthly dividend payers, there should be some good articles to get you started

Manoj Rathi: Robinhood is a great app but no drip option and no trailing stops so make sure you use limit orders. Seeking alpha and nasdaq website have some nice info of upcoming dividends

Kevin Bailey: MAIN, O, STAG, SDIV, DIV…. (Last 2 are ETFs)Lots of options out there! Love monthly payers!