Question: What is a good source to look for undervalued companies?

Brent Legendre: stock 2 own
Maximilian J Witherell: finviz.comthen read balance sheets
Vishwamithra Shashishekara: I use a screening approach with some valuation metric filters. Various free screeners out there – google for them. I like financial times’ equities screener and
Justin Foeppel: Buy the book The Manual of Ideas, read it, and do what it says
Evan Bleker: I hear Net Net Hunter is pretty good.
Net Net Hunter
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Marko Kopič: For identifying potential companies I use different screeners where i screen companies based on some metrics. I also check,,… there’s a ton of sites where you can find what you’re looking for. Then i anlyize the company myself and decide weather to buy or not.
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Forbes Cy
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