Question: A good reading list for beginners in stocks investing?

Pranjal Kamra:…/how-share-market…
The secret to success in the stock markt | Creating Concern
Pranjal Kamra:…/how-to-never-lose…
Wasim Iqbal: Thanks. Pranjal Kamra. Any book recommendation too?
Pranjal Kamra: The Intelligent investor by Benjamin graham, letters to shareholders by Warren buffet, learn to earn and one up on wall street by Peter lynch
Wasim Iqbal: Thanks. Really appreciate your help.
Pranjal Kamra: Your welcome, sir
Tanmay Prakash: Poor Charlie’s Almanac, Intelligent Investor, one up the wall street, Warren Buffet’s letters to investors.
Tanmay Prakash: One up On wall street
Pablo Huang: The Big Short by Michael Lewis
Danny Dizon: Buffett shareholder letters, Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety, Benjamin Graham Security Analysis & Intelligent Investor.
Eko Hermiyanto: The best reading for beginner as always is the Intelligent Investor (choose the one with commentary by Jason Zweig).
Sanjeev Udeshi: One up the wall street Peter Lynch
Jae Jun: Check this out. My best investment books in order of difficulty
Best Investment Books for Value Investing