Question: Can someone point me/educate me how to apply value investing approaches to physical assets such as real estate or buildings?

Evan Bleker: Basically, if you know value investing philosophy, you think of the risks associated with real estate and then apply solid margins of safety.

ト ニ ー: That’s a good one. Margin of safety!

Evan Bleker: It always comes down to mos. 🙂

Oakarmin Iron: In Myanmar (my country) invest in building is very good.

ト ニ ー: But the government is military, so they can say anything they want, if I am not wrong

Carlos De Souza: ト ニ ー : That’s almost in the past. If you look to the future and are prepared to take some risk, the rewards are disproportionately huge.

Justin Carroll: You want to buy from uneconomic sellers, i.e. sellers who are forced to sell regardless of price or who sell in ignorance of value.

ト ニ ー: I like this point! Distress assets!