Question: Can anyone recommend any free charting tools to start me off?

Bryan Nakambonde:
Morningstar – Independent Investment Research
D Gert Ditlevsen:
TradingView — free stock charts and quotes online
D Gert Ditlevsen: An app called netdania
Rohit Sharma: Charting? This is no statistical group.
Alfred Reacher: Charting is not applicable in value investing
DH Tan: I’m new to value investing. But don’t you buy at reasonable price apart basing on fundamentals?
Michael Wei: YCharts. It’s expensive, but could be worth it depending on how much money you’re running.
DH Tan: Unlikely I’ll pay at this point. But thanks mate
Bhaskar Das: there are many free tools but best and favorite of both traders and investors in – Stock Market Quotes & Financial News
Fabián Orccón: Use a programming language.
Reza Rahbeen: Stock strainer