Question: Any books on the technique of value investing you would recommend?

Any books on the technique of value investing you would recommend? Need a book discussing in-depth financial analyses and accounting. Thanks!

Aaron Williams: Start with margin of safety

Aaron Williams: For accounting try creative cash flow reporting

Guille Ggh: CFA Financial Statement Analysis Textbooks

Mohammad Saleem Samsoor: MA Ghani author of financial accounting

Michael Wei: Graham & Dodd’s “Security Analysis”

Maurizio Miceli: May „Security Analysis“ not be a little bit outdated? I mean, accounting and reporting systems (US-GAAP/IFRS) have changed a lot since then…

Michael Wei: Maurizio Miceli It’s not an accounting book. There’s a lot more about security analysis than accounting rules.

Philip Te: Value Investing by Bruce Greenwald is a nice reading. He has just retired and held Graham’s teaching post at Columbia

Éric Grondin: A classic :The Intelligent Investor

Maurizio Miceli: To be honest I was little disappointed by the Intelligent Investor. Need a book that goes sharply into analysis rather than remaining relatively general.

Runar Bjørkavaag: On fin analysis and accounting is not where value investing differs…go for standard in depth textbooks, like valuation by mckinsey, fin st ment analysis by Stephen pennman, and business analysis and val by Palepu and others..for instance. Value investing differs more on how you evaluate information farger than how you analyse it.

Asad Baig: The intelligent investor

Reaz H.: Good stocks cheap by Kenneth Jeffrey Marshall is a current book. Bruce Greenwald’s value investing book is good too. Warren Buffett’s letters to his share holders is also very good to read.

Fong Koon Kit: PM me Maurizio Miceli

Michael C. Williams: Start easy with Ben Graham’s small book “the Interpretation of Financial Statements”, then Mary Buffett’s similar volume. Then get industry specific since most businesses have accounting peculiarities all their own; oil, railroads, and insurance are accounted for in very different ways.

Zabi Ameeri: Financial management would answer your question in regard to investment in bond or stock.

Senad Hadziahmetovic:…/dp/0470891858

The Investment Checklist: The Art of In-Depth Research

Max Asciutto:…/0060555661/ref=as_sl_pc_tf_til…

The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing. A Book of…

Rahul Chowdhury:…/dp/0231151187/ref=sr_1_1…

Accounting for Value (Columbia Business School Publishing)

Mauro Bruno: For what you are looking for, the following book is the best. Easy to read and updated to the latest accounting standards.…/reading-financial-reports-for…/

Reading Financial Reports For Dummies Cheat Sheet – dummies