Question: Anyone knows how I can start investing in Quantum Computing and any companies around it?

Anyone knows how we can start investing in Quantum Computing and any companies around it? Looks like a big next thing. It would be nice to invest somehow now that it’s still very small. Of course it may end up fail but you never know 😛

Saket Agarwal: U win Nanotech 🙂

Theodor Skorpideas: Saket Agarwal Is it a company’s name? I’ve heard for D-Wave as well?

Robert Freeman: doesnt sound like much research was involved in the question

Theodor Skorpideas: Robert I must disagree. How did you come to that conclusion? I never post questions that I haven’t at least searched myself on Google for some basic info that I can find. As you can see I already mentioned the D-Wave and I didn’t comment the IBM comment because I already knew that they have a quantum cloud project running. On the other hand, I commented on the Uwin Nanotech because I hadn’t heard of it before.Finally, I even started and joined this group just to get ideas/tips how to invest on this technology and get further knowledge on the question besides what I already knew by self research.And your comment is that it “doesn’t sound like much research was involved before I ask”?Do you have anything to add to the topic? I would appreciate any help. Thanks 🙂

Daniel Mayo: Who doesn’t know that the quantum computing industry is going to grow over time? The same thing could be said about the airline and computer industries when they were in their early stages. Just because you know an industry as a whole is going to grow over time does not mean that there’s a good way to make money from that growth.

Theodor Skorpideas: why not? I mean as you said about computer industries and airlines. If you had invested some capital on the beginning of Google and Facebook or some major airlines wouldn’t you be now in a good position?

Daniel Mayo: That’s survivorship bias and hindsight bias. For the ones you mentioned, there were countless others that went under, and it was not clear at the time which ones would be successful.

Theodor Skorpideas: I see what you mean. so we’ll have to wait to maybe have a clearer view