Question: Analyzing Zinc Mining

Hello everyone, Can I ask a quick question to my fellow Investors? A company that I am analyzing, is into Zinc Mining, considering the importance of Zinc & its application in various industries, consider the long term prospects to be very good. But now there is one important question: The promoter stake in that company is 65%, Stake of the central government is 30% The remaining shares are distributed among Mutual Funds, Individual Investors, & others. Does this stock appear to have a v stable outlook, since the ratio of shares floating freely in the market is only 5%. ?? Or is it possible to have wide fluctuations in the share price? I hope I am clear enough to explain.

Bharat Khiani: yes, the fundamentals are very strong. just got through 8 years of reports. im optimistic to gain a 100% return in 2-3 years

Bharat Khiani: any other interesting piece on your scanner?

Mukesh Verma: Is it hind. Zinc

Bharat Khiani: Yes

Mukesh Verma: May i know your valuable comments on Suven Life Science?

Bharat Khiani: Mukesh Verma let me take a look and I will revert back

Vidyanshu Pandey: Zinc is a commodity with no pricing power. Plus there needs to be a demand for zinc. The economy is slowing down so why would you expect HZ to grow! Plus global meltdown in commodities. Just curious not trying to discourage you.

Nitiin A Khandkar: It’s not a single promoter shareholder. Vedanta holds around 65% and Government of India around 30%.

Bharat Khiani: Yes you are correct I have typed incorrectly

Nitiin A Khandkar: No, technically you are not wrong. Though Govt of India is classified as non-promoter, it is for all practical purposes, a promoter only.

Punit Jain: Share price will fluctuate due to low free float. But divided looks good. If market share is good (maybe even a monopoly) and cost of production is low, it would be a good bet. What’s the demand outlook for zinc? What are global price trends? Are imports competitive?