Question: If you had $100,000 to invest today what stocks would you buy and at what percentages up to the $100,000 limit?

Theoretical question: If you had $100,000 to invest today (10/18/17) what stocks would you buy and at what percentages up to the $100,000 limit. I guess I am looking at what you all would buy and how diversified you would get. Thanks for the advice.

John French: Weird, I haven’t seen this question a million times asked on this page..

Jay Harper: O, T, HCP, GE, KO

Brian Elliott: I would spread it out in mutual funds, trade a few ETFs and probably plant 20k in the following as they dipped or pulled back WMT,KO,CAT, MCD and/or BA

Brian Fey: I’d probably do 8@$10k, rest cash for now.

Jeffrey Smiley: If you dont need money for 10 yrs. Buy 10 stocks. 1. JNJ. Health care 2. PEP. Consumer staple3. CVX. Energy4. MMM Industrial5. V. Technology 6. VFC. Consumer discretionary 7. JPM. Financial8. GD. Industrial9. AAPL. Technology10. DIS. Consumer discretionary

Mary Gee: Jeffrey Smiley: If I may ask why Verizon in tech? You have that much belief in their 5g technology?

Jeffrey Smiley: V. Ticker symbol for Visa

Raymond Borger: Verizon is not on his list.

Andy Brinkhaus: 2 industrial and 2 discretionary… where is the transport exposure? Knock one of those out and add UPS or CNI imo.

Andy Brinkhaus: also 2 tech lol… add WM too.

Greg Williamson: V is financial not technology.

Greg Williamson: GD is Defense, not Industrial

Jeffrey Smiley: Greg Williamson. V is not a bank. It’s a great company that transfers currency electronically. Does not work like a bank. That’s why my brokerage calls it a Tech stock.

Jeffrey Smiley: Greg Williamson My brokerage calls GD an industrial. Just saying

Steve Silva: The problem with these questions is timing.

Rob Diesel: Time IN the market generally beats timING the market.

Mary Gee: Steve Silva: Say $10,000 a month for 10 months. What stocks would have bought in the last 10 months?

Anthony Petrosillo: ATVI, FB, ORCL, HIMX

Dave Vail: FEIKX

Mark Morelli: You generally want to equal weight the portfolio and buy multiple stocks in all or most of the S&P500 sectors. Therefore, I’d recommend putting $5,000 into 20 stocks (2 from each sector). You’d have to research further to find the “best” from each sector.

Larry McGehee: If you don’t know which stocks to buy, I’d invest in a good lost cost etf like VYM, it has a good dividend and growth. VYM will probably beat your pics ” or mine ” and you get all the diversity in one fund, if you’d like you could pick a couple of dividend paying funds like VYM, MGV and VOO for even more diversity. Thats what Id do since my Vanguard ETFs have beat my dividend stock picks.

Lissa White: Boeing, Coca-Cola , Intel, Exxon Mobil, Ko, GE just to name a few

Rich Slifka: I would put the huge majority in Vanguard ETFs that pay nice dividends. then I would take like 20 grand and pick about 4 or 5 stocks that I really liked, and keep another 5 grand to just plain “trade” with for a gambling hobby.

Choon Kiat CK: Regardless the amount of money anyone is starting out with, the advice is the same. Find solid, quality companies that are being undervalued by wall street, and buy as much of it as you can or are comfortable with. Many of the stocks listed by others above are great companies, but remember that a good business does not mean it’s a good stock. For example, FB and ATVI are fantastic companies, but with PEs of 40, they aren’t selling at a cheap price right now, because everyone loves them. The best way to protect your capital and give it the highest likelihood of making outsized returns is to find a fantastic company that everyone hates right now (because wall street is short-sighted), and then load up on it. That said, this can be a challenge considering how most people have their own day to day commitments, and the fact that the average investor doesn’t come close to beating the market. But it doesn’t have to be. Right now, I’m averaging almost 20% a year for the past 5 years, purely from investing in quality dividend stocks. There’s like 3 things you have to nail down, but once you have a simple process in place it shouldn’t take up more than a couple of hours a week. It can be done!

Mary Gee: Can you throw out the names of say the last 5 stocks you bough and/or plan to buy?

Choon Kiat CK: sure. the last 5 I bought were GILD, AEO, IBM, QCOM. can’t remember beyond that. was either BABA or MU

Choon Kiat CK: I don’t jump in and out of stocks very often. most of these were bought months if not over a year ago. Once I’ve identified a good stock and bought in at a great bargain, I simply leave it there and monitor it occasionally. That really takes any emotion out of investing

Michael David Lewis: 20% a year? Can we see that portfolio

Choon Kiat CK: would love to. drop me a quick pm and I’d be happy to share it

Helen Sriubiskis: ….We all want to see it. (Or, at least most of us.)

Choon Kiat CK: I was going to say that I’m not sure if the rules of the group allows for me to just post that. but i realised that you’re a moderator here!

Choon Kiat CK: np lemme just pull out my td ameritrade records and I’ll post it here later today

Helen Sriubiskis: Yes, it’s allowed. Many people post their holdings, or links to their blogs that contain their holdings. Maybe we can all learn something, and have some good discussion.

Helen Sriubiskis: Choon, start a new post when you show your holdings.

Mike Dodge: Or at least list the holdings. Don’t think you need to share the amounts if you don’t want to.

Choon Kiat CK: hey Mike Dodge I shared that portfolio in a new post as requested by Helen. here’s the link:

Mike Dodge: Aw, thanks

Larry McGehee: Nice ! Great job !

Choon Kiat CK: think you guys didn’t see or missed my post somehow. I did upload my portfolio but Helen Sriubiskis asked me to start that in a new post. Here’s the link to it:

Pedro de Jesus: F,gm,bac,wfc.

Jeff Jarrett: 20%, nvda20%,td5%, nrz5%. Btc50%

Solly Radom: 50k into canadian banks. 50k into water etfs.

Kyle Kruchok: Probably about 10% into each acct.

Kyle Kruchok: But I’d hit the high payers, across REIT‘s, communication, petroleum, etc. Basically, the things that people NEED.