What’s a good ETF to get into?

Elle Berry: $FFTY or $LDRS — if you believe the markets will be remaining bullish.

Josephine Silva: Just buy VTI every month and chill.

Lilliana Price: And sell covered calls and cash secured puts on it!

Gracelynn Bush: CRON, CBWTF

Hope Dixon: SSO for bull market or SDS for bear. Both track S&P500 index 2x

Hannah Hampton: timing is everything

Catalina Farmer: Salt SLT , is a new etf came out yesterday. It is all natural and organic beta leverage . No derivatives , swaps or borrowing.

Catalina Farmer: Saltfinancial.com

home – Salt Financial

Kyle West: CRON,ROBO

Cody Harris: DRYS

Ryder Walters: Not an ETF but a penny stock. Really?

Mckinley Armstrong: Lol. Got em.

Nolan Sharp: Cody Harris: what a crazy stock, did you see the last 5 year of it?

Brielle Hopkins: SPY lol

Charlotte Bailey: uso

Zoe Henry: Ldsr is no etf but it’s making me rich!!!

Aniyah Mendez::

Aniyah Mendez: TNA

Layla Hernandez: i like vanguard etfs, going to put some in VCR in early Sept before holiday season, otherwise VGT is always good. VHT can be fun also

Layla Hernandez: any etf to diversify your main stocks is ideal tho

Cali James: MU

Annalise Norman: PHO

Daisy Graves: semiconductors like SMH and soxx, also Tech etf XLF

Luciana Freeman: Look into trust BPT

Luciana Freeman: Or do what the master does 44 billion in Apple stock

Savannah Davis: SPY MJ DHR QQQ

Nova Quinn: Check this Stabilafonder.se

We love challenging the traditional banks

Samuel Maxwell: One that is seeing new high’s, Not what you wanted to hear but you know I am right!

Maddison Chandler: HMMJ – Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index