David Lincoln Bechtold said on 9 April 2018: Vix appears to be holding up pretty well. People are reluctant to sell because the “next tweet” could be around the corner….

Jared Vogler: Or 3:55pm or so
Edgar Fuentes: Lots of reasons to be nervous.. China. Syria. Trade. And now the fbi

David Lincoln Bechtold: They raided Michael Cohen’s house. That is why we sold off I think…

Edgar Fuentes: Spy was already in downturn before the news. Maybe it just helped it along

David Lincoln Bechtold: Well it may have been leaking not sure..

Edwin Devera: Buy gold. Bought GLD calls before closing today, i think it will pump up tomorrow.

Eric Hapka: Yeah, Cohen has been raided by FBI. Trump’s financial records seized. This is a pretty big deal.