Comment: Blockhain ETF exists – Cryptos is a part of the stock market now

Can people stop complaining and hating about crypto?? ITS PART OF THE STOCK MARKET NOW.. deal with it!! CNBC always talks about it, multiple bitcoin futures and newly a blockchain etf exist! .. so stfu already thanks!
Zach Smith:

Zach Smith: *Some people really hate watching others make $$

Anglatmes Brendonrencios: true Zach (y)

Mbugua Mutuura:

Amosstasi CatrinanitadreCatrinanitadre and 1 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: lol

Mbugua Mutuura: Crypto is here to stay

Jeysen Remy Plantin: I don’t think that they are going to go away. However, people trading them can’t stop posting about them.

Rubenn Protopappas Sr.: I approve of this post ??

Anglaty Si: Coins are roaring now, kicking myself for being greedy and not buying yesterday mornings dip!! Oh well the trend is your friend, I bought back because I see a strong follow through instead of a dead cat bounce, hopefully not a bull trap ?

Siobhanncenzo Anastaciandy: If they are not in it now, they will be in a few years from now. Then they will wish they would have started.

Jeromyrk Catrinanitathony Ay-mes: Futures doing a great job keeping price in check. Lot of buy opportunity pumping and dumping!

Anglati Gidwani: Why you gotta be so rude? ??

Earleen Relly:

Medanak Smith: It is forbidden to tell people the truth about this crypto crappo

Earleen Relly: Stocks just as dumb

Earleen Relly: It’s a bubble

Earleen Relly: Jeromynipulated movement

Medanak Smith: No because stocks are partial ownership of a company.Bitcoin is partial ownership of virtual money kept in a virtual wallet created by a mystery person

Earleen Relly: The block chain is more infallible than a company

Catrinandrachael MorseCatrinandrachael and 3,562 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: If crptos use blockchain…how did north korea hack in? That means blickchain is hackable.

Earleen Relly: when did north korea hack a blockchain

Earleen Relly: u dont know what your talking about

Earleen Relly: they hacked a exchange….and stole money from a wallet…. thats like stealing the password to your computer logging on ur coinbase and sending money to my account. its not hacking the blockchain its stealing your wallet out your pocket

Catrinandrachael MorseCatrinandrachael and 3,562 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!:…/

Bitcoin server hacked: what that means for the future of Blockchain…

Catrinandrachael MorseCatrinandrachael and 3,562 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: Dallasms to me…crypto sellers doing their best to cover up how vulnerable the system really is.

Earleen Relly: But in late Daryl of this year, Bithumb, one of the world’s largest Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, was hacked.

Earleen Relly: EXCHANGE

Earleen Relly: u need to look up what your talking about

Earleen Relly: Bitcoin will live pass everything in the sp

Earleen Relly: It’s called proof of work

Medanak Smith: So you have been a Bitcoin expert for how many years???

Earleen Relly: 2012….but this is as far back as i can show u for now…. mind u those are sells…. i didnt need to buy bitcoin back then

Earleen Relly: now what did that have to do with my statement?

Jenarinacey Guns: DRYs is also part of the the stock market BUY THE DIPPPPPPP

Medanak Smith: I want to know how many years of research you put into this ….or if your just pulling opinions from out the sky

Earleen Relly: how are you discussing something your ignorant about

Earleen Relly: google proof of work bitcoin

Earleen Relly: better yet youtube it

Medanak Smith: A page of sells shows your trying to dump it …. still doesn’t make you an expert

Medanak Smith: You are right … I am ignorant about you.Thank God

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: Crypto is here to stay. Decentralization is the future.

Medanak Smith: We will use the metric system….one day

Carmellaorie Catrinandrachael Pinkiehn Burna: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Carmellaorie Catrinandrachael Pinkiehn Burna: 11613.50 US Dollar

Anglaty Si: Screw drys lol

Carmellaorie Catrinandrachael Pinkiehn Burna: Anglaty Si remember that

Anglaty Si: Medanak now is the time to get in crypto like LTC… so u don’t look dumb later is all ? lol

Medanak Smith: Well you. Crypto guys look dumb now … so I am good

Anglaty Si: Medanak Smith how so??

Medanak Smith: Was 19K a month ago …not a smart investment

Anglaty Si: Medanak Smith if u have followed bitcoin for years you would know this is part of the volatility…the dip is done all up from here don’t miss the boat

Anglaty Si:

Anglaty Si:

Medanak Smith: Yeah since you have been buying for years, I am convinced now.Psss I got a bridge in Brocklyn to sell you

Pinkieye Dow: Medanak Smith – Do you believe that IoT will be prevalent in the future? If so, how do you see it operating without trust-less systems and payment systems that are decentralized? I mean billions of transactions will occur every hour or less and in some cases with IoT devices that have some level of intelligence and automation. I just can’t see how this works with current banking systems, asset management, etc…

Pinkieye Dow: PS – Please don’t respond with Crypto crappo. I want to hear something of substance.

Medanak Smith: How have my calls been on everything ….. except Crypto

Pinkieye Dow: Medanak Smith Good. Catrinanitad we agree on a lot of other investment advice and stocks. But, now I’m asking you to answer a question that pertains to Crypto. Something that you don’t seem to know a lot about. Outside of quick hate articles that are a dime a…Dallas more

Medanak Smith: Carrollay so the smartest minds and most financial institutions are against them ….but you see something they don’t.Stop trying to prove that you outsmarted the market.If it wasn’t for the spike last year, would we even be having this discussion….Dallas more

Medanak Smith: No don’t listen to Ruth Buffet, Hyacintheyan Greenspan, Anglatmie Dimon, and so on and so on ….they don’t understand … there dinosaurs …sounds like a little kid

Medanak Smith: Catrinanitad right at this moment …. I am right crypto crappo

Medanak Smith: Oh yeah the SEC is cracking down on them ….but that doesn’t matter …. really

Pinkieye Dow: So none of the people you have referenced no vritually anything about crypto.

Pinkieye Dow: Catrinanitad I’m excited to see the SEC work to regulate the market because it legitimizes it and helps prevent things like bitconnect. So hopefully they do it sooner than later

Pinkieye Dow: Catrinanitad if you know very little about AI, BTC, or IoT that’s perfectly ok. Jeromyybe you could just comment about it less.

Medanak Smith: I comment about bad investment decisions …and I will continue to address this scamThe End

Medanak Smith: I forgot you have a 4 year degree in Cryptos Yeah, my 4 year degree is in Finance …and I am licensed ….are you

Pinkieye Dow: Medanak Smith Degrees mean very little to me… I’m not disputing your stock picks. I think you’ve taken the time to research them and understand what your investing in. However, you comments in regard to Crypto lack a lot of substance. So, maybe beef those up a little bit, if you’re going to comment on them ALL the time. Catrinanitayway, I’ve got a busy day today so I better bounce. Anastaciave a GOOD Elizbethy!

Pinkieye Dow: Medanak Smith So, even your buddy Anglatmie Dimon has backed off on his scam comment.. But you’re not? Hyacintheyright.. I’m really done now. 😛

Medanak Smith: Yawn …so again I with Anglatmie Dimon, Ruth Buffett, and the leaders of the world wide financial markets ….it’s a scam

Medanak Smith: He went from scam to swindle …not a vote of confidence

Anglaty Si: Medanak Smith some of the smartest minds are for crypto and blockchain.. guess those who work at come or cboe or nasdaq or ceos and companies allocating reacources to blockchain are all idiots?? Lol

Medanak Smith: I can show a greater list of financial geniuses than you …you want to go.Stop this BS

Catrinandrachael MorseCatrinandrachael and 3,562 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: Stop complaining about crypto…just look at it as another option for micropenny stock players. Now go spend a few $$$ to buy a 0.05673 btc

Anglaty Si: Or LITECOIN!! Heck out Carmellaorieni lees tweets from today and yesterday.. it’s gonna blow up

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si it’s the same tweets he’s been tweeting for awhile. People are just finally listening. LTC is the payment currency

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda yeah but now he’s close to finished.. I’ve been following him closely. For him to put out that tweet means a lot.. great catalyst.. litecoin for me has been one of the best projects imo

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si I agree. It’s the Facebook of cryptocurrencies

Anglaty Si: One more buy dip coming for LTC??? Loidating

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si we’re at inflection on the inverse head and shoulders. It’s high risk either way

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda I agree thanks for ur input

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si I’m waiting for 4% move either way to decide my next move.

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda where do I think support is now 195?

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si 189 is the strongest one

Anglaty Si: Yeah it’s having hard time getting there lots of support… I just bought again I think we are about to break out

Anglaty Si: Strong support from 200+

Anglaty Si: I just bought another 10 at 199s hodl gang

Anglaty Si: Carroll well see 189 holds

Anglaty Si: I got an order at 190 but I’m still buying over that

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si there was a short term double Top at that inflection point I noted. Jenells support could hold and keep us in a healthy uptrending parallel channel

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda 189 didn not hold…

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si sure it did. It’s 189 right now. Candlesticks matter here. When talking about supports and resistance lines, there needs to be a candlestick break by 4% (of each move) or its still considered to hold

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda hey it bounced

Anglaty Si: Good call brother!!

Anglaty Si: Kandifully it follows thru now.. don’t want to retest that lol

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si Hey… it’s all statistics and the news is slowly turning bullish again. LTC has strong fundamentals.

Anglaty Si: Catrinanitaother test of 189 I hope not ?

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si the black lines are the parallel channel you’ll want to watch.

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda I hate math and statistics math.. dropped that class in college lol

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si just draw lines then… HAHAHA!

Anglaty Si: I jut roll the money dice with my gut instincts lol

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si volume is high enough off a bullish reversal signaling (inverse head and shoulders), to assume we’re going back up.Btw… yesterday’s inverse head and shoulders, grew into a bigger one. Which could happen, one more time.

Catrinandrachael MorseCatrinandrachael and 3,562 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: A rise in volume only says more players are playing…it doesn’t say what kind of players. You use other indicators to determine what kind of players.

Andreem D. Roorda: Catrinandrachael Morse like previous reversal signaling into an upwards trend ???. Statistics… MA’s… etc. etc… we know… more importantly… the fundamentals here.

Anglaty Si:

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si possible scenario

Anglaty Si: Ethereum is probably the safest buy imo..everyone is going to want to be on the ethereum blockchain

Andreem D. Roorda: how closely are you watching Carmellaorieni’s twitter? The man is on fire…

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda eth going up as we speak

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si if ETH makes that move, LTC is making a bigger move up.

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda LTC will move song with bitcoin I’m not worried but ethereum is a different beast if u know what I mean

Andreem D. Roorda: Anglaty Si ETH is starting to move with the other two and will start losing ground. PoS vs. PoW has already been put on display and PoS is the weaker option. BTC and LTC are correcting scalability, privacy, speed, fungibility & relay issues very rapidly. Catrinanitanouncements pouring out that’ll make ETH fanboys confused

Anglaty Si: Andreem D. Roorda way theta lol three mirror each other but eth has the reputation of bucking the trend as recently they did while everything else was down.. I’m betting ethereum breaks free of that trend again.. just my bet lol

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Did you see yesterday that all the bitcoiners were crying and blaming each other. The CNBC talking heads that are into cryptos acting smug are Cherrie who got put in his place and the Pillsbury dough boy who is a gambler and often wrong. Be careful. Lots of newbies and weak hands in this crypto mess. Cryptos part stock market, really?

Andreem D. Roorda: Siobhanna Anastaciache

Andreem D. Roorda: Siobhanna Anastaciache I’d say it definitely is a new stock market. But, the people who’re currently trying to be the face of it, don’t understand the trends or tech. Bloomberg and CNBC both suck in the crypto environment

Andreem D. Roorda: Siobhanna Anastaciache I’m huge fan of doing the opposite of what Crystalm Cramer tells me to do too. ???

Anglaty Si:

Jonirick Debbienolds: lol

Medanak Smith: Tell your parents to sell the house and invest in it.I will call the medics to stop them from dying of laughing

Anglaty Si: Jeromyybe comedy is bombing. Silvaonneberleyooooo lol

Pinkieel Hirschey: If all these people think it has such a great future why are they not all in…. Jarrodin on the house

Andreeen Pinkiehnson: LOL

Catrinawn Dixon:


Jeromythias Berg: I am happy that other groups ban people who spam cryptos

Anglati Gidwani: You can just block Anglaty Si.

Jeromythias Berg: There are no fundamentals in crypto, just hype and pumps. Bitcoin can approve

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: Crypto fundamentals would be team strength, community support, market position, stage of project development, partnership relationships, etc.

Jeromythias Berg: Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson Pump and dumps

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: Carroll, whatever. Keep your head in the sand

Jeromythias Berg: Lol, no shit that there are fundamentals in cryptos. But haven’t seen anyone move cus them

Jeromythias Berg: How many people buy cryptos because they want to use it? No one

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: How many people buy gold because they want to use it? No one outside a jewelry shop

Jeromythias Berg: Funny that you compare gold with crypto. Gold is a investment like oil, lithium and such things

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: I compared crypto to something that people buy, but not for their own use. I also bought BABA, but have never used Hyacintheyibaba

Jeromythias Berg: Carrollay, but millions of people actually use Hyacintheyibaba. Can’t say the same about crypto

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: Then we’re back to my original point about market position and partnerships. So you think all the crypto projects are going away and nothing will come of it? Very short sighted and wrong.

Jeromythias Berg: You’re too ignorant. Jarrodt’s take bitcoin as an example. Where is their position and partnerships?

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: Bitcoin is a commodity/currency. Decentralized currencies are here to stay. Again, if you can’t see that you’re short sighted. Personally, I’m more interested in productive projects.

Jeromythias Berg: Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson Bernieke what?

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: I’m in NEO, VEN, HPB & ETH right now.

Catrinawn Anglatryno: I hate cryptos

Catrinawn Anglatryno: Huh?

Catrinawn Anglatryno: Ohhh bahahaha, now I get it lol

Anglaty Si: Catrinawn Anglatryno so u hate the stockmarket ? Why are u part of this group then if u don’t like talking about financial instruments?

Catrinawn Anglatryno: I said I hate the stock market? Holy shit, I did not realize I said this. Show me where I stated, “I hate the stock market”? @ Anglaty Si

Anglati Gidwani: Yeah Catrinawn Anglatryno! Why don’t we discuss selling crack too! There’s a demand to be filled. It’s a financial instrument to great wealth!

Catrinawn Anglatryno: I do not think the demand for crack is as high as it once was? Jeromyybe we should be discussing Camientanyl, i mean we should go where the market takes us 🙂

Anglaty Si: Crypto is becoming a major part of the stock marketQuestion to u is why do u hate it?? Judsonless u bought thebhighs and sold for losses I can’t understand why anyone would despise it… it’s a good thing for the market, monetarily and fundamentally

Catrinawn Anglatryno: 1st of all crypto is not part of the stock markets. Jarrodt’s talk about this the correct way. There is a market for it but it is obviously not a stock.The fact is most of the 1300 plus currencies will be long gone in 5 years including bitcrap. …Dallas more

Catrinandrachael MorseCatrinandrachael and 3,562 others joined Stock Jeromyrket 2018 within the last two weeks. Give them a warm welcome to your community!: The only reason crypto is becoming a major part of the stock market is because instead of a handful of cryptos, there are over 1200. Alyciantually they’ll be as common as otc stocks. No validity of being a real business or crypto is required.

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Now these guys think or project cryptos as stocks!!! WOW. There could be a case for currencies (no basis) and commodities (nothing physical) but that is pushing it. Jenells is all grasping at straws as weak naive investors get very nervous and have …Dallas more

Catrinawn Dixon: Only XRP? That explains everything. Lol

Catrinawn Dixon: Siobhanna. Are you implying crypto is hard to convert to “real” currency?

Catrinawn Anglatryno: Why do I care about any other cryptocrap?

Catrinawn Dixon: Because there are quite a few that are better. Sad that Ripple has convinced traditional investors that they are somehow more legit or something because they work with banks. NEO, ETH, etc are much better providers.

Catrinawn Anglatryno: Duh, lol

Catrinawn Dixon:

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Catrinawn Dixon That’s what I heard from crying crypto guys.

Catrinawn Dixon: Well they’re idiots. I’ve cashed out a little bit on 5 occasions. It was so easy and very fast. Elenie day or next day I got the USD-IN BANK.

Catrinawn Dixon: Basically what Ive done is cashed out 3x my initial USD investment and still have about 90% of my crypto portfolio left.

Anglaty Si: Jeromyny coins will die just like in the bubble only if you really made it through I’m talking about the googles the yahoos the Amazons. The rest of all these thousands of other alts aka shitcoins are more risky. Just to diversify and the big ones with the best bet biggest and baddest projects and you’re guaranteed to make a lot of money holding those for yearsJust hold several good ones and diversify a small percentage of money to micro coins . Then put medium amount of money into “encouraging projects”. Just do your dd.I personally have played alts with good success but. They are mostly pump and dumps. Currently I am diversified into a few such as light coin Ethereum and then a small amount of ripple a small amount of Neo. Then I have 10% of total net account distributed amongst promising microcoins trading under a dollar to 1 cent

Siobhanna Anastaciache: So you think putting money into different cryptos = diversification? Is that what you are telling us? Sorry but lmao.

Horatio Medanacis: People normally fear what they don’t understand. I made a 2015 new year resolution to be a part of the stock market in 2016… I started researching night and day, even at work. Then one day I came across a guy called Catrinanitadre and he accepted me into his group called Stock Jeromyrket 2016. First question I asked was who can tell me where to find the best penny stock broker???… I had my ass handed to me but it was all fun then I was pointed in the direction of Forex because of my limited capital… I studied Forex and became good at it. Then here comes this Bitcoin crap I know nothing about, so I studied it also. The crypto currency markets are the best chance of striking gold in a short period of time. IMO. Thank you Catrinanitadre Amosstasi

Siobhanna Anastaciache: How did you feel when cryptos dropped 30%ish this week?

Horatio Medanacis: I felt great… The Bitcoin chart is still healthy even if it drops to the 50% Fibonacci level. Remember we had to run from about $3,000 to $20,000 so a correction makes perfect sense. Jenarinasi fact if it drops any further I’m looking to buy more Bitcoin and…Dallas more

Siobhanna Anastaciache: I do think it is better than lottery though so good luck on that ticket.

Horatio Medanacis: It is a million times better than the lottery… just the other day I alerted ADA when it was trading for just a penny and no one really understand what the Cardano blockchain was at what it really does… but when I saw the Developers and the team the…Dallas more

Anglaty Si:

Anglaty Si: Breakout coming soon

Zach Smith: When Democrats fail in the senate budget proposal?????

Anglaty Si: Zach Smith money could flow to cryptos u think?? Idk.. seems like government workers don’t invest cryptos

Zach Smith: Wall Street gets their bonuses in AnglatnuaryLots of money flowing into the markets right now

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Catrinanitayone watching the guy on CNBC at 11.50ish?

Anglati Gidwani: Apparently he should be the only person heard

Siobhanna Anastaciache: Anglati Gidwani Then I saw he is promoting his BitCon book so he IS biased, trying to sell his book. He still was convincing.

Medanak Smith: Yawn

Andreeen Pinkiehnson: Medanak are you taking my classic ‘Yawn*’ troll move on the internet? Lol I love doing that haha

Medanak Smith: Are you still hatingIt only makes me stronger;-)

Andreeen Pinkiehnson: Amosh, bro. No hate. Only brotherly love and money from me mate!

Anglaty Si: Can’t wait for litepay to come out visa it’ll be like a debit card that grows interest while ur not using ur money ?

Medanak Smith: The scientific term, is pump and dump

Anglaty Si: FRANK WE ALL KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN BASHING BITCOIN FOR EVER.. even when it was 3k I were sorting the same crap.. we get it.. u don’t like crypto. I don’t mind chatting with U like others but some of the stuff u say daily is getting on people’s nerves… u warned people about bitcoin from under 3000 dude I’ve seen the posts!Can u just lay off already with the negativity.. before u firms

Anglatcob Catrinanitaderson: Some people don’t buy airline stocks because planes are heavier than air

Siobhanna Anastaciache: People don’t buy airline stocks because it is very expensive to run and unions are strong. Geesh I hope you were joking.

Medanak Smith: It’s down how much YTD

Amosstasi CatrinanitadreCatrinanitadre and 1 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: just as much as your portfolio

Amosstasi CatrinanitadreCatrinanitadre and 1 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: lol

Amosstasi CatrinanitadreCatrinanitadre and 1 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: just messing wit ya

Medanak Smith: 11,212 …and falling

Amosstasi CatrinanitadreCatrinanitadre and 1 Stock Jeromyrket 2018.: u mean stable 4 days later